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Jana Castellano







Jana has been a life long seeker, and spiritual practices have evolved for her over the years.  Having been raised Catholic,  Jana was initiated into Buddhism at the age of 19 and practiced consistently for nearly 30 years.  After encountering who she recognized would become her life long Guru, Jana began a serious meditation practice in 2000.  It was not until a few years later that she was drawn to the physical practice of yoga, but even as she pursued the choice of becoming a yoga teacher, Jana continued to center her journey around meditation, and her daily meditation practice.

She was trained extensively as a Meditation Teacher by Rudrani Farbman at the World Yoga Center in Manhattan, and makes meditation part of every class she teaches.  She has taught individual Meditation classes, and several Meditation courses over the past few years.  Her daily meditation practice continues to serve and inspire her to face real world challenges and use them as fertile ground to discover teachings and insights to share with her students.

Jana believes in the importance of meditation as a personal practice and life journey to connect to our enlivened core.  It is essential to maintain a yoga teacher’s vibrant relevance and power in teaching yoga.  After all, core yoga poses arose from deep states of mediation!  It is at the very heart of Open to Grace.

Yoga for Seniors

I am an Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher that is currently on the path to full certification.  I have taught the Yoga for Seniors module as part of the 300 hr Advanced Teacher Training offered at World Yoga Center in New York City, and also at Samavesha 2015.

Early on in my teaching, I was drawn to older adults and to adults with mental challenges and I continue to actively teach in these communities.  I am a senior too!  I am grateful and fortunate to have built a steady, enthusiastic following at New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Health Outreach Program in Manhattan where I teach chair yoga and gentle yoga to active seniors.  I have taught to adults with mental challenges, and I am currently teaching adults with severe physical challenges.  I also teach a weekly Gentle Yoga class at my home base studio, The World Yoga Center.

Seniors can have many special needs as they age – needs that invite recognition and respect by our yoga teachers.  Besides a working understanding of the UPAs, and knowledge of common health challenges seniors face as they grow older, a yoga teacher cultivates patience, understanding and compassion.  These are golden qualities for supporting and nurturing these very special students.

Whether your senior students are active and capable students who can participate fully in any level yoga class, or very willing and sincere students who struggle daily with various limitations that demand special care, they will forever remain your treasure and your gift.