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Juliana Afram

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Movement heals. Not only the body, but also the soul and the spirit. Encouraging people to trust their innermost forces, acknowledge their own supposed weaknesses, and draw something positive from them is the essence of my teaching. The joy of transforming my disciples encourages me to give everything in my daily work and fills me with great gratitude.

Juliana is a mother of two and has been at home on the national and international fitness scene for almost 20 years. From 2006-2012, the sports manager set up training schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for one of the then largest training schools in America before she became a partner in her own school in 2013.

In 2009 Juliana discovered yoga for the first time. Sporadic encounters created a deep bond that eventually led Juliana to Anusara® Yoga.  During her maternity break from 2015-2017, she completed her Anusara® Elements training at Lalla & Vilas and trained in yoga therapy in Berlin according to spiraldynamic principles. Juliana currently studies Physiotherapy. And her Book “Vom Wochenbett zum Workout – Fit nach der Geburt” was published in April’19 with Trias Verlag.

She is particularly interested in the topics of pre- and post-natal training as well as working with women with both positive & traumatic birth experiences. As certified pelvic floor trainer and graduate of several courses with Angela Heller as well as further education with Katharina Woxnerud and Dr. Bärbel Junginger in evidence based based bladder neck ultrasound therapy. She founded The Center Fitness, Health & Family – a [virtual] maternity platform to help moms reclaim their physical and emotional center by providing individualized fitness plans, educational information/products on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth and a community of personal support, provided by Juliana and a hand selected network of experts across various disciplines.


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