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Keneen McNiven


Dr Keneen Hope McNiven DC, has practiced gentle Network Style Chiropractic and muscle testing to bring balance to the body, brain and nervous system for 30 years. With a sub specialty in trauma, and PTSD recovery caused by accidents, loss or abuse, she offers a supportive and empowering  environment for clients to heal associated pain, stress, fatigue and well-being issues.

Keneen is currently Anusara Inspired, RYT 200, and in process towards RYT 500 and Anusara Certification.
Her own experiences thriving through trauma recovery, adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue, emotional stress and PTSD have sparked a passion for helping others who face similar challenges.

Keneen utilizes leading edge, accelerated healing modalities and emotional freedom recovery work in her yoga classes, workshops and private practice at Hope Chiropractic and Yoga in Durango, Colorado.

Keneen’s work is informed by Dr Donald Epstein and Network Spinal Analysis, Thomas Meyers and Anatomy Trains and leading edge trauma recovery experts Dr Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk and Dr Robert Scaer.

When not on her mat or in her private practice,  Keneen Hope is a women’s workshop leader, a published writer, member of the Durango Dharma Center and Diamond Heart spiritual school, a 40 year meditator, and an avid Argentine Tango dancer as well.