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Lois Nesbitt


Lois didn’t find yoga—it found her! Twice.

Lois took her first yoga classes while studying art in France as a teenager, then skipped a decade before returning to class in New York City. Both times she was drawn in by the transformative power of asana, and eventually acquired the nickname “Flowis,” for her graceful evocation of advanced asana.

However, it was not the gymnastics that captivated her attention, but the yoga philosophy first doled out to her by her first teachers. Hungry for more, she enrolled in her first yoga teacher training in 1994.

When Lois met John Friend in 1998 and learned about nondual Tantra, her world cracked wide open. John urged her to study philosophy with Prof. Douglas Brooks (credited with giving Anusara yoga its name). She spent the following decade learning yoga history (specifically the three traditions outlined in the Anusara yoga philosophy curriculum) and texts such as the Mahabharata (including the Bhagavad Gita), Upanishads, Ramayana, and Yoga Sutra and myths surrounding Krishna, Ganesha, the three goddesses, and other deities. Douglas offered the breadth, depth, and accuracy necessary to teach yoga philosophy; he also clarified the significance of each text adopted by yogis across the centuries.

Possibly the only Ivy League Ph.D. leading yoga teacher trainings, Lois brings 11 years rigorous higher education to her teaching. Well schooled in history, philosophy, linguistics, Classical Greek and Roman literature, modern languages, art and architecture, and comparative literature, Lois understands the importance of historical and cultural context. She confidently conveys the best of the yoga traditions to students and teachers of all levels. Her years as a widely published author, journalist, and editor trained her to hone in on what’s important, relevant, and fun! She confidently conveys the best of the yoga traditions to students and teachers of all levels.

When not diving into philosophy, Lois pours over anatomy texts, consults with doctors and physical therapists, and applies what she learns to working with students with injuries, special conditions, and limitations.

Lois holds a B.A., magna cum laude, from Harvard University and Ph.D. from Princeton University. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s most prestigious academic society. Her published writings include Brodsky and Utkin, How We Live Our Yoga, Hip Op: Beyond Recovery, and hundreds of art, design, and book reviews. She has edited books for academic and commercial publishers and lectured at universities across the U.S.

Lois divides her time between New York City and East Hampton, at the tip of Long Island. When not learning, sharing, and creating, Lois restores herself with long walks by Manhattan’s Hudson River and frequent dips in the Atlantic Ocean.

Having led dozens of trainings and served on the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Committee under John Friend, Lois looks forward to collaborating with teachers leading the next wave of immersions, teacher trainings, and advanced teacher trainings worldwide.