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Monique Fay


Monique Fay is a pioneer and a visionary in the fields of photography and healing. Her journey began as a mission toward self-healing in the late 60s, yet spiraled into an adventure of exploration and discovery, connecting her to the spirits and power that nature inherently holds. As a photographer, she has developed contemplatively, inspired nature photos over a span of nearly 50 years.

Monique became an avid practitioner of Iyengar yoga in 1968 in London, England. Not finding the development of strength, mobility and mental stability she was looking for with the asanas she moved on to practice Tai Chi in the 70’s.

Monique gave her first workshop on the 5 Elements (Space, Earth, Water, Fire, & Air) based on Tibetan Buddhist philosophy at the Maitreya Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1983. After meeting her Hawaiian teacher Kahili O’Pua Monique became her apprentice for a number of years on the big Island of Hawaii, truly gaining an understanding and familiarity with the elements in nature.

She also holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture with a specialty in the 5 Elements.

At the invitation of certified Anusara Yoga Instructor Denise Hatch, Monique gave a workshop on the 5 Elements at Boddhi Coyote Yoga Center in Cave Creek in 2013. To further embody the healing patterns of nature, Denise Hatch and Monique are combining their respective work in Anusara yoga postures and the Apprentice Cards.

Monique’s practice offers a unique synthesis of skills, wisdom and experience and is based in Santa Barbara, California. Over the last two years her practice has evolved to incorporate the Apprentice Cards as both a powerful learning and healing tool, encouraging others to rediscover the healing power of nature.