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Robin Christ


It has been said that, “Spirituality is caught and not taught”.

Robin was ‘caught’ in the glorious net of living spirituality when she received diska from her root guru in 1975 in the meditational science of Surat Shabd Yoga – The Yoga of the Audible Life Stream  –  which she continues to practice to this day.  It is this aspect of viewing life through a spiritual prism that drew her to the Anusara style of Yoga with its deep emphasis on spirituality embedded into the asana practice. Although she had been practicing Yoga devotedly for decades, it wasn’t until she discovered Anusara Yoga that she began to include asana in her daily sadhana.  As soon as she took her very first Anusara class in 2008, she knew she had to teach it and was certified by ASHY in 2014.

Anusara Yoga has further led her to a deep personal study of the Tantric Philosophy, her main influence being the teachings of practitioner-scholar Christopher ‘Hareesh’ Wallis. Since she encountered his strikingly clear, knowledgeable and pragmatic approach to the wisdom of Tantra, she has become passionate about sharing the teachings of Tantra with her students in her public classes and workshops, as well as utilizing Hareesh’s ground breaking text, “Tantra Illuminated” in her Anusara Immersions.

Spiritual pilgrimages to her guru’s ashram in India as well as to sacred sites of ancient mysticism in Greece and Egypt have awakened in her the knowledge of the similarities between world spiritual philosophies and have brought her to the deep understanding that there is an underlying thread that connects us all. She believes that Philo-Sofia;  ‘the love of wisdom,’ can indeed bring us together.

Her goal is to create an environment for her students that brings the spiritual dimension to life and encourages them to make spirituality a part of their everyday, waking reality.  This goal is her passion and to it she has dedicated a lifelong commitment.


“Robin’s Anusara immersion and teacher training are not to be missed for the serious yoga practitioner looking to enhance and deepen their practice. Robin is a master at breaking down the esoteric philosophy and spirituality of yoga and making it simple to understand, enjoyable to learn, and easy to retain.  … She attracts wonderful souls to her presence, so expect to be surrounded by great seekers …”    – Meryl H.

“The knowledge you will gain through the study of the sacred texts and Anusara philosophy is immeasurable. Robin’s own strong dedication to the practice helps to make these concepts extremely accessible and relevant to everyday life. Her infinite love and wisdom will nourish you throughout your spiritual journey. “– Alex D.

“Diving deep into the heart, Robin’s training takes you on a journey within and out. During the immersion the philosophical teachings and self inquiry touch the deepest parts of you, bringing you closer to the divine that is you … Robin dedicates her life’s work to this experience. This is her legacy.“ –Kelly E.