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Robin Golt


Robin Golt (ERYT-500) has been exploring the vast field of yoga from many perspectives ever since meeting her first meditation teacher 33 years ago.

Her teaching combines a deep appreciation for the traditional roots of yoga with the recognition that as contemporary, Western yogis, and especially as teachers, our challenge is to integrate and share yoga’s insights in a way that is relevant to Now.

Robin practiced Iyengar Yoga for many years. She encountered Anusara Yoga in its earliest days and became Canada’s first Certified teacher.  From 1997 to 2013 she taught Anusara classes, workshops, immersions and trainings throughout Canada, during which time she honed her skills as an asana teacher who also shares yoga philosophy with both rigor and joy.

Working independently since 2013, she continues to create innovative courses of study and trainings, including an online course, The Roots of Yoga(soon available in French). She teaches the yoga philosophy and history portions for numerous teacher training programs.  As well, Robin is writing a manual of yoga philosophy for teachers called The Deepening Journey Study Guide and Workbook.

Her journey has concluded extended periods of study with master asana, philosophy and meditation teachers from East and West, as well as self-directed study.  Robin completed 8 intense years of study (2006-14) under the mentorship of Prof. Paul-Muller-Ortega, refining and expanding her understanding of the teachings of Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism) and Yoga.  She continues to study with him on an informal basis.  In 2013, she encountered the work of Dr. Mark Dyczkowski, whose teachings have added yet another layer of appreciation for these traditions.