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Samantha Zilvitis


Ayurveda brings your yoga practice off the mat and into your daily life. Learn how to align with the forces of nature both around and within you to promote and nourish optimal well-being on all levels.

Yoga teachers, students and even the non-yogi will greatly benefit from this module. Key learnings include:

  • How to identify an individual’s inherent constitution (prakruti) and current imbalances (vikruti)

  • How imbalance and disease manifest (agni, ama, vayus, dhatus, koshas)

  • Eliminating ama and balancing the doshas

  • Cultivating prana, tejas & ojas

  • The sattvic diet and the 6 tastes

  • Ayurvedic tips by dosha and by season (Dinacharya & Ritucharya, including lifestyle, nutrition, yoga, pranayama and more)


Samantha Zilvitis is an Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa Flow Teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist – and holds certifications in these fields.  Sam received her formal training in Ayurveda through the California College of Ayurveda under her principal teacher Margaret Koblasova (M Ayu, CAS, ERYT500) and also studied Ayurveda under Arun Deva (DASc, AYT, ERYT500, YTRx).  Sam currently shares the ancient wisdom and modern practices of Ayurveda in group workshops and with private clients and is excited to have the opportunity to share this sacred “science of life” with your students.

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300-hr. Anusara Advanced Teacher Training Module Elective: Ayurveda with Samantha Zilvitis