Board of Directors Reports

The Board of Directors spent the end of 2016 and January 2017 in a systematic orientation to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, its history, Vision, Mission, Core Values, establishing organization, and introduction to key processes.   The Board of Directors will continue the work of establishing clear and transparent policies and practices to support our global community.  Three sub-committees within the Board of Directors have been formed, Policy Committee led by Anusara yoga student Royce Battleman, Marketing Committee led by Anusara-Inspired teacher Adolfo Fernandez Sauri and Fundraising Committee currently led by Anusara-Inspired teacher Kevin Taplin.  You’ll hear more from each of these committees in the coming months.  We will be increasing our efforts and organization in community outreach led by Certified Anusara yoga teacher Jackie Prete.  And finally will begin the process of funding, designing, and building a new more functional web page with many integrated features for teacher support and training access.
Minutes of the January 2018 meeting ASHY_Meeting_Minutes_January_2018
Minutes of the December 2017 meeting ASHY-BOD-minutes-final-12-11-17-2
Minutes of the November 2017 meeting 11_13-17_minutes_final
Minutes of the October 2017 meeting 10_9_17_Minutes_BOD_(final)
Minutes of the September 2017 meeting 9_11_17_Minutes_BOD_(final)
Minutes of the August 2017 meeting 8_14_17_Minutes_BOD_(final)
Minutes of the July 2017 meeting 7_10_17_Minutes_BOD_(Final)
Minutes of the June 2017 meeting 6_12_17_Minutes_BOD_(final)
Minutes of the May 2017 meeting 5_8_17_Minutes_BOD_(final)
Minutes of the April 2017 meeting 4_10_17_Minutes_BOD_(Final)
Minutes of the March 2017 meeting 3_13_17_Minutes_BOD_(Final)
Minutes of the February 2017 meeting 2.13.17_Minutes_BOD_Final
Minutes of the January 2017 meeting 1.9.17_Minutes_BOD-final