Subject Matter Specialists

As a part of our 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training (ATT), the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) has created a new teaching role called Subject Matter Specialist (SMS). A SMS is someone who has a specialty offering that is related to the teaching and/or practice of Yoga, which will enhance a teacher trainee’s education and contribute to their excellence as a teacher of Anusara Yoga.

A SMS can teach elective subjects in the ATT, such as Ayurveda or Sanskrit. A SMS can also teach six (6) of the eleven (11) required ATT modules: philosophy, anatomy, Teaching Meditation, Teaching Pranayama, Women and Yoga and Yoga for Seniors. A CATT must teach the other five required modules.

Of course, an Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer (CATT) can teach all of the required modules. A CATT can also choose to invite a Subject Matter Specialist to teach a module that the SMS is qualified to teach.

The SMS retains their materials, copyrights, intellectual ownership, etc.

A person can apply to be a specialist in more than one category but would need to apply separately for each category. For example, a teacher might apply to be Anusara SMS (Meditation) and Anusara SMS (Philosophy). Or, as another example, a person might apply for SMS (Anatomy) and SMS (Therapy).

If your application is accepted:

  • There will be a $50 fee yearly to retain the licensure of Anusara SMS for currently licensed ASHY teachers.  (for example, an Anusara Elements, Inspired or Certified teacher may be a SMS for a particular area in which they have qualifying expertise and experience).
  • For anyone not currently licensed with ASHY, there will be a $75 annual fee.

Thank you for your interest in applying to be an Anusara Subject Matter Specialist.

SMS application 2018

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A Subject Matter Specialist may teach a variety of subjects as elective hours towards Anusara certification (maximum 36 hours).   If you are a currently licensed ASHY certified teacher, it is not necessary to apply here (your workshops and trainings are acceptable as elective hours).

More than one specialty area may be chosen, but each one will require an annual license fee of $75 for teachers who are not licensed with ASHY.  ASHY teachers pay $50.

Please list two licensed Anusara teachers who would recommend you to be a SMS.  Be sure to include their email address

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