Subject Matter Specialists

As a part of our 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training (ATT), ASHY is creating a new teaching role called Subject Matter Specialist (SMS). A SMS is someone who has a specialty offering that is related to the teaching and/or practice of Yoga, which will enhance a teacher trainee’s education and contribute to their excellence as a teacher of Anusara Yoga.

A SMS can teach elective subjects in the ATT like Ayurveda or Sanskrit. A SMS can also teach six of the eleven required ATT modules: philosophy, anatomy, Teaching Meditation, Teaching Pranayama, Women and Yoga and Yoga for Seniors. A CATT must teach the other five required modules.

Of course, an Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer (CATT) can teach all of the required modules. A CATT can also choose to invite a Subject Matter Specialist to teach a module that the SMS is qualified to teach.

The SMS retains their materials, copyrights, intellectual ownership, etc.

A person can apply to be a specialist in more than one category but would need to apply separately for each category. For example, a teacher might apply to be Anusara SMS (Meditation) and Anusara SMS (Philosophy). Or, as another example, a person might apply for SMS (Anatomy) and SMS (Therapy).

If your application is accepted:

  • There will be a $50 fee yearly to retain the licensure of Anusara SMS for currently licensed ASHY teachers.  (for example, an Anusara Elements, Inspired or Certified teacher may be a SMS for a particular area in which they have qualifying expertise and experience).
  • For anyone not currently licensed with ASHY, there will be a $75 annual fee.

Thank you for your interest in applying to be an Anusara Subject Matter Specialist.

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