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Formación Avanzada 300h

Formación Avanzada para Profesores de Yoga que quieran completar 500h certificadas por la Escuela de Anusara y Yoga Alliance 2019 28-29 Septiembre  Refinando Enseñar los Principios Universales de Alineamiento 12h Obligatorio 23-24  Noviembre  Enseñar con un Tema 12h Obligatorio Inmersión 2019/2020 108h 19-20 Octubre ; 9-10 Noviembre ; 2020   18-19 Enero ; 8-9 Febrero […]

Anusara Yoga Vertiefung mit Adam Ballenger (24 Std.)

Teacher Immersion & Masterclasses Adam wird an diesem langen Feiertags-Wochenende wieder im Rahmen unserer Yogalehrer-Ausbildung unterrichten. Das Wochenende stellt das Ende der Immersion (Teil 1 der Ausbildung) dar, so daß es neben dem Fokus auf Anatomie auch einen tiefen Einblick in die Yoga-Philosophie geben wird. Adam wird vor allem die Bhagavad Gita und die Weltanschauung […]

Anusara and Controlled Articulation of the Joints through the Loops

We will explore the relationship between the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment and the tertiary seven Loops of Anusara in combination with the work of Functional Range Conditioning.  This exploration will provide a link to specific movements in asana and muscular skeletal health.  The Aim is to gain insight into the intricate Central Nervous System […]

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Join Suzanne and faculty for a 200 hour Yoga Alliance (North America) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) qualified Vinyasa Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. This training is a sincere awakening of the mind, body and Spirit as we traverse the elements of philosophy, history, science, art and methodology of yoga. Be prepared to dissolve physical and […]

Maui Hawaii 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Part 1 50 hours

This is Part one of the 6 Part Anusara 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. All students will learn how to effectively teach and use the Universal Principles of Alignment to develop themes and sequences that create powerful transformative yoga classes. Teaching with a Theme 15 contact hours : Learning how to share our personal life […]

200 hour Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training

100 hours Anusara Immersion and 100 hours Anusara Teacher Training on Maui Hawaii! What could be better than to study Anusara yoga in Paradise with a great teacher and like minded students. Testimonial: Skeeter mentioned you were interested in her Teacher Training and wanted to talk to students who had gone through.  I just finished […]

Functional Anatomy with Adam Ballenger

This 24-hour module will focus on the relationship of the movement of parts of the body to overall health and wellness with a focus on asana practice.  Adam Ballenger is a Salt Lake City-based Anusara teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years.  His areas of expertise include yoga for the aging body and […]

AnusaraYoga, Functional Movement and Mindfulness

Yoga Asana, Functional Movement and Mindfulness to support a fit and therapeutic practice.   Practicing yoga asana can be one of the most healthy physical and mental practices today.  Parts of a physical yoga practice can prepare us for regular daily life activities and other parts of a physical yoga practice can help reduce the negative […]

Mindful Yoga with Adam Ballenger

Saturday AM:  09u30-12u30 Mindfulness:  Finding the Muscles & Feeling the Flow in the lower body.  This session will help students recognize and become more familiar with parts of their lower body anatomy and how to use it for more joint healthy and powerful practices.   Saturday PM:  14u30-17u00 Bring it Through the Core:  The mid-section […]