The 4th China Anusara Yoga Conference – 2021

Concentrate on light and participate in the grand event together.

November 13 – 15, 2021

 On the first day of the 2021 New Year, Chen Ya officially served as the chief liaison officer of Anusara China. As Chen Ya said, she and her team officially launched the promotion of Anusara China.

Every article on the official account promotes and introduces Anusara, and the interpretation and love of Anusara expressed by Chen Ya in every interview, slowly developed from Guangzhou to KULAS in other provinces and cities every Saturday. For almost half a year, Chen Ya personally led the system. at 6 a.m. Teacher’s internal training…

Every small step of Anusara (China) is solid, smooth and powerful.

chen ya

 “Mode with grace”

Anusara Yoga has always attracted a large number of fans with its unique profound charm, following closely.

It has been nearly three years since the last Anu people’s big party unconsciously. In Guangzhou this fall, there will be a big gathering of Anusara people – the 4th Anusara China Annual Conference.

It will be a fun, fresh, and sparking each other, creative convention.

There are teachers from the best Anusara system from all over the country, and the top Anusara yoga teachers from abroad.

With their love for Anusara, everyone gathers, communicates with each other, nourishes each other, and explores and discovers the beauty of life together.

Every encounter in the world is a long separation. Anusara connects us together. No matter who you are, welcome to experience the charm of Anusara yoga.

We will be in Guangzhou from November 13-15, 2021. Welcome to Guangzhou!

China kula

聚光成芒   共襄盛会

2021 .11.13–11.15