The World Needs Fairy Tales

Hi,Anusara yogini | 叮叮老师

Teacher Anusara Elements Ding Ding

A Shanghai girl from Beijing, now lives in Changsha. During her study in the UK, she majored in art design and advertising management and worked for large foreign enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai after returning to China. In 2011, she founded his first yoga life hall in Changsha, starting another new journey.

Cast – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Dialogue)

Have you ever thought about why the world needs fairy tales?

Japanese psychologist Hayato Kawai said: “We have gained too much knowledge about the sun and rain, and even lost our sense of the sun and rain.”

“We need to regain the original feeling of things, so we need fairy tales.”

One Ga said, “Yoga is all the way to solve all the problems in life.” I can’t agree.

All the ways to solve your life problems are only you, whether you practice yoga or not. Yoga is not a high mountain flowing water or spring snow. It teaches us to stay away from the world. It is a useless way to enter the world.

I remember once when I heard Mr. Chen Ya share the theme of the soul and say that if birth to death is a must-see road in life, we can’t choose the end, but we can choose whether to drive a tractor to bump on the road or drive a Ferrari to the stage station.

First of all, we need a strong physique, otherwise the road is bound to be difficult; secondly, we need a good mood, otherwise the souls of the layers will be exhausted; thirdly, we need to have the highest consciousness (spiritual height), so that this road can be worth a lifetime.

If as an Anusala yoga teacher, I can achieve the above three goals in every lesson, can I say that I bring each departure closer to the final answer? Someone said: Why? We won’t get higher pay for it!

Mr. Nan Huaiyu said, “The goal should be high, but at the beginning, we should be steady and start from the most ordinary places. In this way, you will definitely achieve something in your life. Not to mention “achievements”, at least we will be satisfied with the efforts we have been trying.

In teaching, Anu’s teacher needs to guide movements, emotions, perceptions and even imagination. It’s not easy, but it can really resonate and practice.

I always thought that good lessons would never be similar, “you must only be rich in your heart to get rid of the superficial similarity of life”, and so does yoga.

Even if it is all Anusala, the same principle, the same spiritual theme, different teachers’ arrangement logic and operation will occur in different styles; even the interpretation and expression of the same spiritual theme by the same teacher will be different stages.

But in every lesson, when we follow the teacher and experience those detailed structures and inspirational paths, our hearts will certainly be enriched.

Anusala’s charm is by no means empty talk, nor does it need to deliberately practice.

Just need us to feel, go into the classroom and stand on the mat to feel it.

Yoga is always silent. It is our heart that makes elegant details flow endlessly. In the same Anusala classroom, in the same Anusala resonance energy field, at this end of the mat and the other end, you and I will have a tacit smile in each other’s hearts.

These smiles may not be deep, but they must be vivid.

We need to regain the original feeling of things, so we need fairy tales.

Every Anusala lesson is a process of awakening the original feeling.

Because of empathy, I chose,

Because of familiarity, it is allowed.

Because of understanding, we stay together.