Through the Lens of Abundance

By Jeannine Plaiche

Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher,

Director of Professional Development



I am more than excited to be in this new role as Director of Professional Development (PD). Although I have been a volunteer with the School since 2013, sitting in the director’s chair has given me a new perspective and appreciation for our School, our community members and volunteers that support our continued expansion. 

Despite the many challenges that have arisen due to the pandemic, I am impressed and inspired by the courage and creativity of Anusara teachers this past year. I would like to take this moment to recognize all the teachers who transformed themselves and their practice, to meet the demands of the world of today. Many have discovered new talents and others have rediscovered their ability to turn within and accept change and simplicity.

I’d also like to celebrate the following Anusara teacher trainers, who bravely took on the challenge of completing teacher trainings during the 2020 covid period. You are all creating the future of Anusara yoga. Congratulations!

Adam Ballenger

Alessandra Di Prampero

Alexis Britton

Annette Söhnlein

Anu Visuri

Barbra Noh

Bridget Woods Kramer

Birgit Gauriananda

Benjamin Finnerty

Carolina Ramirez

Caterina Cortellini

Chaya Spencer

Christina Lobe

Courtenay Willis

Deinse Stottmann

Eva Ananya

Gaby Zermeño

Gianni Chavez

Gisela Vasquez

Jacalyn Prete

Jaye Martin

Jayendra Hanley

Jenifer Harbour

Julia Pearing

Karen Sprute-Francovich

Kai Hill

Karina Sauro

Laura Casini

Noelleen Tyrrell

Nora Ndrenika

Piero Vivarelli

Pilar Valencia Villagran

Rachel Bush

Rachel Dewan

Sabine Völk-Rombach

Sandra Fernández-Domingo

Sarah Powell

Silke Wilson

Susana Garcia Blanco

Tiffany Wood

Vilas & Lalle Turske

…And many more who were co-teachers or are still currently in the process of completing their trainings…I think most of us can agree that our yoga practice has helped prepare us in many ways for this pandemic. Giving us the ability to see beyond the surface and to recognize the abundant potential within each moment.

This recognition of abundance is why I took on this position (it is also why I teach yoga). To support Anusara students and teachers in gaining access to the same advantages and learning opportunities that I’ve gained access to on my Anusara journey. 

For example, here is the short list of what has been made available to teachers in the last several months, by our past and present Professional Development teams:

Our School is bursting with potential and I feel we are only at the edge of touching the heart of what is possible. It is going to be a great new year! 

Thank you all for your continued contribution to the Anusara yoga community. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask me: licensingdirector@anusarayoga.com.

Be well, 

Jeannine Plaiche

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