Teacher Trainer Updates – December 2021

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Dear Anusara Teacher Trainers,

Happy holiday season to you all! I wish all of you health and happiness in the new year and a return to a more normal lifestyle for those of you who are experiencing yet another pandemic wave.

The following communication comes from the Professional Development Department. These are updates that are specifically meant for you as teacher trainers and for you to help guide your trainees. Complimentary information is available in Anusara News (If you are not receiving the “Anusara News” bi-weekly e-mail newsletter, please let me know. I can turn on notifications for you so that you don’t miss out, but I need your written consent to do so).

Let’s keep the lines of communication open!

Om Shanti

Jeannine Plaiche,
Director of Professional Development
Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

New Teacher Trainer feature in Anusara News!

We’re adding a new Teacher Trainer feature in Anusara News to celebrate our Teacher Trainers.

Please update your Anusara profile so that our readers can learn more about you.

Thank you for submitting your Teacher Trainer Agreements.

The curriculum page is ALMOST complete! We will soon send you a password to access the curriculum document section. Your curriculum password will be sent to you by February 1st, 2022.

Share Our Community’s new Vision Statement

“Awakening hearts, illuminating minds, strengthening bodies from the roots of yoga in recognition of the sacred in all beings.”

Please help us spread this new vision with the world. Share our posts about the new vision statement on your social media pages and stories. The the website homepage for official translations.

New “Open To Grace” membership fee for new members.

It is now easier and more welcoming for your Teacher Training graduates to become Anusara members. They need only pay one fee. This fee combines the application fee and the lower “Assisted Fee” for their first year.

Optional: As trainers, you can, if you wish, include this amount as part of the students tuition and have them submit the Anusara Elements application form at time of graduation. This way they will graduate with a license to call their classes Anusara Yoga. Please notify us if you are doing this so that we can invoice you and issue your trainees their licensed membership.

Thank you for continuing to register your trainings!

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Subject Matter Specialists

You can now invite guest teachers to teach a few hours of your training, or a Subject Matter Specialist to teach several hours (SMS membership required). Read the details in the Guest teacher and SMS guidelines.

Recommending trainees for Anusara-Inspired

  • Has your student completed either the 200-hour Anusara teacher training OR the 300-hour teacher training?
  • Does your student have at least two (2) years yoga teaching experience in Anusara or in another style of yoga?

If you answered YES to both of the above questions, you can evaluate your student for Anusara-Inspired. If they do not pass your UCAF evaluation they can still apply for Anusara Elements with your recommendation.

Have a few students in mind? Send them the Anusara-Inspired application form.

Q&A: Can I lead Anusara trainings under my own Yoga Alliance School (RYS200/RYS300)

If the curriculum you submitted to Yoga Alliance at the time of your application was the Anusara Yoga 200-hour (for RYS200) and/or 300-hour (for RYS300) curriculum then, YES, you my lead Anusara trainings under your own Yoga Alliance School.

*RYS = Yoga Alliance “Registered Yoga School”.

Q&A: I don’t have a Yoga Alliance School (RYS), can I lead trainings representing the Anusara Yoga Alliance School instead?

If you are an E-RYT500 but you do not have your own RYS200/300 with Yoga Alliance you may list under the Anusara School’s RYS. Please contact Jeannine Plaiche at licensingdirector@anusarayoga.com to add your name to our Yoga Alliance School.

We will submit your name to Yoga Alliance and give you certificates templates to give your students so that Yoga Alliance will accept their application. If you are a studio owner it’s recommended that you purchase a location listing so that your studio appears on the Yoga Alliance website ($).

Q&A: Will Yoga Alliance Approve my Online Teacher Training in 2022?

YES! Our Yoga Alliance School was recently approved for the Online Teacher Training exemption. You can lead trainings online according to our Online Teacher Training policy until December 2023. We have aligned our policy to reflect these changes.

Thank you for your continued dedication towards helping grow and support our community.

ASHY heart