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Sattva Studio

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Via Sangro 31
Milano, 20132 Italy
+393381266316 http://www.sattvastudio.org




Studio Name:        Sattva Studio

 Studio Owner:       Alessandra di Prampero

 Studio Website:     www.sattvastudio.org

E-mail address:       info@sattvastudio.org

 Street Address:      via Sangro 31

 City, Province:        Milano – 20132

Country:                     Italy

Phone Number:    +39 338 1266316

Licensed ASHY teachers and their licensing status at our studio:
….. Alessandra di Prampero – Certified
….. Lara Balestrini – Element
….. Ilaria Pelizzoni – Element

Information about our studio:
  Sattva Studio was founded in 2008 and since its beginning its focus was on spreading Anusara Yoga and has always offered Anusara Yoga weekly classes and Anusara workshops and trainings with many different teachers coming from all over the world. Almost all the classes which are offered are Anusara classes. It is a small studio full of natural light but it is very welcoming and the students always say that they feel at home at Sattva Studio. It has all the props needed for yoga, mats, blankets, blocks, belts, chairs and bolsters. It is easy to reach with the public transportation, and it is also easy to park the car nearby. Close to the studio there is a nice park where students can go during the breaks in the trainings. At the moment it is the only yoga studio in Milano with so many Anusara Yoga classes and with a Certified Anusara Teacher teaching regularly.

Sattva Studio is a very well known studio in Milano among many other yoga studios. And everybody agree that it offers a very high quality teachers, classes, workshops and trainings. And this is thanks to ASHY and all its teachers, who are always very well prepared and very welcoming to everybody!

What Anusara classes do you have on your schedule each week?
We have 9 Anusara classes each week, 6 taught by Alessandra di Prampero, Anusara Certified Teacher, 2 taught by Lara Balestrini, Anusara Element teacher, and 1 by Ilaria Pelizzoni, Anusara Element Teacher. We also often offer classes on Saturday or Sunday, with either Alessandra or Lara.

 Anusara trainings and/or immersions we teach or host at our studio:
  In 2018 we are offering an Anusara Immersion and we plan to offer the  Anusara Teacher Training beginning in September 2018. We also just hosted the Functional Anatomy Module of the 300hr Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with Ellen Saltonstall.

ASHY regional events or visiting teachers we are scheduling in 2018:
 On October 2018, 13 & 14 we are happy to offer the ASHY Compassionate Communication workshop with Kim Friedman and Tiffany Wood, which is also an Elective Module of the 300 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. And on December 2018, 1-2 Jayendra Hanley will be the teacher of a weekend of the 200 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training.

In 2019, on March 16-17 Jayendra Hanley will be teaching the 300 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Module on Teaching Seniors. And also in 2019, on June 8-9, Jayendra Hanley and Alessandra di Prampero will be teaching together the 300 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Module on Observation and Adjustment.


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