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Letizzia is Chilean, trained under the wonderful Anusara Yoga method in Montreal, Canada by Barrie Risman. She now lives in Austria, Klosterneuburg, near Vienna, where she shares her passion with great enthusiasm.
She has a Master in Science degree in Physics and it is her love for movement, biomechanics and self-exploration that brought her, in 1994, to the practice of yoga.
Letizzia’s mission is to offer her students precise and profoundly therapeutic practices that align the body with the real Self. Her attention to detail and playful approach allow for an inner awakening that empowers the unique identity in your own self while staying connected to the unity between all.
She offer classes in English, both in Vienna and in her new studio Trimotion, in Klosterneuburg.
Letizzia’s classes are precise, fun, uplifting, warm and full of joy.
Letizzia completed the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with Barrie Risman, and has taken part of numerous workshops and teacher trainings with Robin Golt, John Friend, Tood Norian, Noah Maze, Bill Mahony, Jordan Bloom, Douglas Brooks, Ross Rayburn , Adam Ballenger, among many more.
Letizzia is deeply grateful to all the teachers who have assisted her on her path and looking forward to continuing learning and deepening the understanding of nature.
Since 2016, Letizzia is an active member of ASHY’s Board of Directors, as well as being the Country Coordinator for ASHY in Austria.

Weekly Class Schedule

Mondays at 9 am : Trimotion, Stadtplatz 24/3, 3400, Klosterneuburg, +436802211266
Tuesdays at 9 am : Trimotion, Stadtplatz 24/3, 3400, Klosterneuburg, +436802211266
Wednesdays at 7pm: Trimotion, Stadtplatz 24/3, 3400, Klosterneuburg, +436802211266
Thursdays at 9:00 am : Trimotion, Stadtplatz 24/3, 3400, Klosterneuburg, +436802211266
Saturdays at 9 am: Trimotion, Stadtplatz 24/3, 3400, Klosterneuburg, +436802211266

What do you love most about Anusara Yoga?

For many years, my life has been a constant roller coaster, where I had been up and down very fast and very often. Through Anusara Yoga, I had learned how to open to life, how to find the power within in order to keep trusting myself and to keep living the roller coaster. Finding as well the support I find in our Kula, which is an extended family, hugging you through the learning process that life is.

Why do you teach Anusara yoga?

I have a background in science, and I find that our method is the closest method I had learned that invites us to explore ourselves with an open and scientific approach. We are in a constant learning process, following the biomechanical principles as well as letting our intuition to guide us. Just like we do in science. I teach Anusara because I want other people to experience the same uplifting feeling as I do while we get to know ourselves, helping us to understand ourselves a bit better.

Why do you license with Anusara?

I had practice a few yoga methods, but I only found in Anusara the perfect mix between science and the uplifting philosophy. Through our many teaching tools I had found the therapeutic aspects that had helped me overcome injuries and painful situations. I had learned how to stay open to the changes my body and my life has taking with acceptance and with love. I had learned how to stay connected with the Power inside and how to share it with others. So since I had learned so much through Anusara, it is only natural for me to be a proud license teacher, and respectfully teach others what I had learned. While at the same time I can stay connected with Anusara teachers all over the world and keep spreading our work and helping each other to protect the integrity of our method.

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Letizzia Wastavino