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Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher





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EU/Middle East/Africa

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The deep love and connection to nature and humankind brought Maya towardsYoga. Since her first retreat in 1987 yoga and meditation was the continuous path in her life. The experiences enhanced in a a natural way her perception of the world and brought her10 years ago to teach yoga, in 2015 she finished the Anusara Yoga certification. Through her classical education as a physiotherapist she integrates easily her medical knowledgge with her supplmentary education in Yogatherapy, Craniosacraltherapy and other energetic systems. Maya teaches yoga with heart , she loves the combination of technology, science and art. The inner attitude and the precise alignment is an important part of her teaching style, as well as the joy of discovering new aspects in life and in one own’s body.

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday Yogacircle Zürich
18.00 – 19.00
19.30 – 21.00
Thursday Stambha Yoga Zürich 18.00 -19.30

Privates Session
Physiotherapy/ Craniotherapy in Combination with Yoga

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Maya Keller