Hands to Heart

2023 Year-End Fundraising Campaign

December 1-31, 2023

Strengthen and support the devotion within the heart of our community and our Community of the Heart!

  • The ongoing education of Anusara students
  • Anusara teachers’ professional development
  • More Anusara events around the world

By contributing to this year-end campaign, you:

  • Support the School to nourish the beating heart of the experience that Anusara method offers
  • Reinforce our international kula
  • Express your stake in the vibrant health of the school as a member of the School
  • Help deepen your students’ connection to the School
  • Contribute the amount equivalent to 1 of your weekly in-person or online classes
  • Hold a special class build around a theme* inspired by this campaign and contribute the proceeds from that class
  • Offer a special workshop or event and contribute the proceeds from that class
  • Choose any amount that works for your budget
  • We each have the opportunity to express our individuality within the context of Anusara yoga.
  • We try to capture something that is hard to capture. Each time we look at the same painting, do the same dance or hear the same sounds, it evokes a different experience. There is something ineffable about the Heart and Anusara yoga.
  • We use our words and bodies artfully.
  • A teachers’ celebration of the artistic heart of Anusara

You choose whatever amount you can afford. Every contribution is much appreciated and supports you as an Anusara student and/or those you care about who love Anusara yoga!


Students, Friends, and Family

Email John Seelye, President of the School’s Board of Directors: john@anusarayoga.com

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