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a people-centered, teacher-led global yoga organization

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga helps individuals worldwide recognize the sacred in all beings. Rooted in yoga, Anusara brings spirit and grace into practice as we celebrate life’s diversity, remember our heart’s qualities and seek a connection to something greater than ourselves.

“Voicing the Heart of Radiant Compassion”

Workshop THIS Saturday (January 28)!

Join poet Judyth Hill for a 2-hour workshop THIS Saturday, January 28, from 1-3 pm New York time! (Find your time zone here.) This workshop was originally scheduled to take place during Samavesha but was postponed due to illness.

This workshop is FREE for anyone who purchased a full-event ticket or a separate ticket for Judyth’s workshop! Otherwise, the cost is $20 USD.

Samudra Shakti

Join Our Watch List

Join our "Watch List" for Samudra Shakti - an Anusara Yoga retreat in the Rocky Mountains, USA - September 17-20. Receive a free 32 page guide called - Heart Centered: Tips for Evolving Approach.

Membership Auto Renewal

Life just got easier!

As of January 1, your membership will renew automatically! In the long run, this will save everyone time. Thank you for your patience as we implement this new system.

2022 Annual Report

Let's celebrate!

Scroll through this flipbook to learn more about our accomplishments, finances, donors, and activiites! (Click on the top right corner of the page to advance to the next one.)

Friends of Anusara

New membership options for Anusara enthusiasts and students!

Walk with Ease & Grace

A Weekend Retreat - Anusara Therapeutic Applications

Put Spring in your step as you discover your “gait”-way to Freedom. With a focus on therapeutic applications, join us Friday, March 24 – Sunday, March 26 at the world-class Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Recharge and reconnect to yourself and your well-being with phenomenal food and lodging options while supported by Anusara Yoga’s philosophy and its community of the heart.

New Membership Options

Now Anusara students and other enthusiasts, like family, friends, and retired Anusara teachers, can become members of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga!

Continuing Education

Through Anusara's continuing education program, you can continue to learn and grow as an Anusara student and teacher!

Immersions & Trainings

Deepen your practice. Learn to teach with skill and grace. Options include 200-hour pieces of training, our Bridge program as you advance your studies to our 300-hour teacher training.

Samudra Shakti Online

On the 2nd Sunday of every month, join us for Samudra Shakti Online - FREE continuing education. The seat of the teacher moves each month to a new teacher and topic.

Worldwide Events

See our calendar of regional and local events in your area. Heart of Anusara Worldwide Events connects you to our global community.

Kula-Bhrajana Europe

On the first Sunday of the month, join the European kula for conversation. Our goal is to illuminate, connect, and educate.