Global Regions

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is organized into several geographic regions – Asia/Pacific, Canada, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America, and US. Each global region has representatives on the Steering Committee and all of the other teams that work together to administer the school. Currently ASHY’s Immersion and Teacher Training Manuals are available in English and Spanish, with plans to translate them into German, Italian, and other languages. (If you are someone fluent in English and Italian, French, German, Japanese, or Thai, and would like to assist in this project, please contact us.)Therapeutics Fineyoga

Your Regional Representative is your guide through the application process for Anusara teacher licensing, and can assist you in navigating the forms and payment process. As the school moves to the non-profit status, we’ll be expanding the number of Regional Representatives in most regions and adding Country Coordinators that can help spread the workload. One team of representatives will assist the work of the Community Development and Outreach Team by coordinating international Anusara yoga festivals, developing country or regional specific websites, creating locally targeted email communications and social media networks, and later in 2016, launching a karma yoga initiative, the Adhikara Project. The other Regional Representatives will be assisting the Professional Development Team by helping aspiring Anusara yoga teachers through the licensing process.

Contact your Regional Representative by clicking on the links below. Note that the Asia/Pacific region has two representatives – one in China and one in Australia. The European kula also has volunteers helping out in several countries to assist with language translation as needed.

Regional Representatives to Professional Development Department

Regional Representatives to Community Development and Outreach Department

Country Coordinators

Austria                               Letizzia Wastavino       

Belgium                            Silke Wilson                 

Netherlands                     Nicole Damen              

Germany                           Nicole Konrad                

Italy                                   Grazia Orlando             

Spain                                Angelica Granado-Cubero

Switzerland                       Ezgi Fisher                    

UK + Ireland                Gary Tranter