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Welcome to the Anusara Europe and Middle East Regional page!

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga; Anusara YogaThis serves as a community platform for information about events and training in Europe and the Middle East. It also contains the contact info of our regional and country coordinators who are there to serve you.

Europe comprises of a wonderful mixture of cultures, cuisines, landscapes, climates, languages and lifestyles. Europe is “one”, and it is the “many”. Our vision is to embrace the diversity of rainbow colors in our community, while remembering that we are all expressing from the same core of Tantric philosophy, Hatha yoga methodology and desire to support each other on our path in yoga through community.

Anusara yoga has grown rapidly in Europe over the past few years thanks to many dedicated teachers, local and visiting. We are excited to begin the next stage of maturity for Anusara Yoga in Europe where we now have many locally based Certified, Anusara-Inspired™ and Anusara-Elements™ level teachers, teaching and growing community in many different languages.

Our School is structured to be run for the community by the community –  so please feel very welcome to get involved and offer your expertise, enthusiasm, love of yoga and special talents to the evolution of the Anusara yoga. For more information on how you can contribute, please contact your Country or Regional Outreach Coordinator (see listings below or click on pictures). Your contribution will help us grow as a community and allow us to maintain quality of education and teaching that Europeans have come to expect of Anusara yoga.

Much love and light to our community!

Regional Professional Development Representative

Please contact your Professional Development Representative regarding teacher licensing or Certification.

Jayendra Hanley, Certified Anusara yoga teacher & Regional Professional Development Representative. E-mail:

Contact a Country Coordinator:

Contact your Country Coordinator for questions about Anusara in your Country. If you do not see your country listed or if you’d like to volunteer as country coordinator please contact your Regional Community Outreach Representative. Click country to visit country website.

Austria Letizzia Wastavino
Belgium Silke Wilson
France [position open]
Germany Julia Schlenkert
Greece [position open]
Italy Stefania Catellani
Marianna Bertolazzi
Netherlands Nicole Damen
Scandinavia Ulrik Notlev
Spain Stella Iglesias
Switzerland Ezgi Fisher
UK and Ireland [Visit Website] Gary Tranter
Isabel Ferreira
Kevin Taplin

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