Heart Of Anusara Worldwide Event Series

Heart of Anusara

The Heart of Anusara Event series includes all Anusara events and trainings around the world, such as Immersions, teacher trainings, workshops, and gatherings.

We feature the Heart of Anusara Event Series every month through email and social media to let you know about all the rich offerings happening worldwide!

Find the Anusara event for you!

For Licensed Anusara Teachers

Events must meet 2 criteria to be listed on the website:

  • The event/training must be advertised by the teacher as an Anusara event.
  • The teacher hosting and/or teaching must be a licensed Anusara teacher.

Teachers leading Immersions, 200-Hour teacher trainings or 300-Hour teacher trainings must also meet the School’s standards for teacher trainers.

To submit your event, go to the Teachers’ Lounge, sign in and scroll down to “Events–Heart of Anusara.”

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