Anusara Online – Continuing Education

Welcome to Anusara Online – Continuing Education. For yoga practitioners who want to learn more about Anusara yoga and Anusara teachers who want to refine their skills. There is something here for everyone.

Anusara Online – Continuing Education is composed of School-hosted online events that offer teachers an opportunity to connect LIVE, learn and gather Anusara online continuing education credits. While the Heart of Anusara Worldwide Events Series calendar focuses on valuable events, hosted by Anusara teachers in our global community, Anusara Online – Continuing Education serves specific populations in the community so that everyone feels included and can benefit from this rich practice. Learn more about our School’s continuing education recommendations here.

Visit our program pages to learn more about their specific offerings, join an upcoming event, or apply as a presenter. LIVE attendance keeps our programs active!

Anusara Yoga’s Annual International Yoga Festival!

Book your ticket for Samavesha ONLINE, the Anusara Yoga Festival and earn continuing education credits for every hour of the festival that you attend. One (1) credit per hour. Log your classes in the credit hour log. Tickets are on sale now!

Our Programs:

Samudra Shakti Online is the School’s online USA kula gathering. Join each month for FREE continuing education courses. It’s the kul-est place to hang out.
Mentoring Program offers FREE group mentoring sessions for Anusara Elements & Anusara-Inspired teachers. Join LIVE to collect elective continuing education credits. (Use your Teacher Lounge password to access page)

Upcoming Events:

Anusara Yoga’s Annual International Yoga Festival!

Saturday, October 8-to-10, 2021

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TEACHING ANUSARA YOGA – with Adam Ballenger (in English)
Wednesday, October 27, 2021
5 pm Pacific Time | 8 pm Eastern Time
Program: Mentoring Program
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PLANIFICACIÓN DE CLASES – with Letizzia Wastavino (in Spanish)
Saturday, November 6, 2021
8am Pacific Time | 11am Eastern Time | 4pm Central Europe Time
Note: Irregular time difference is due to daylight savings time in Europe.
Program: Mentoring Program
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Sambandha: Connecting to your most Sacred Bone and its Relationship with your Heart – with Lisa Long (in English)
Sunday, November 14, 2021
8 pm Eastern | 5 pm Pacific (USA time zones)
Program: Samudra Shakti Online
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Online Classes:

Online prerecorded classes and presentations do not count towards CECs, but they are a great way to get to know our teachers.