Get Involved!

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is a dynamic and vibrant teacher-led organization. 

Get Involved

The School relies on support from our teaching community as well as students and friends of Anusara yoga.

The School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. That means a tax benefit for donors in the United States, and it enables the School to seek funding sources only available to non-profit organizations.

There are many ways YOU can support the School, the organizational “fascia” for Anusara yoga worldwide. Feel inspired? If you’re interested in helping or connecting in any way, email

Volunteer to serve on a committee/team

  • Fundraising Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Diversity – Inclusion – Growth Committee
  • Community Resiliency Team (which upholds the School’s commitment to compassionate communication)

Write articles / blog posts

  • Anusara News, the School’s monthly newsletter
  • Anusara Marga, the School’s quarterly magazine
  • Website (any relevant topic of interest to you)

Help plan events

  • Samavesha
  • Samudra Shakti
  • In your country
  • In your region
  • Online trainings
  • Continuing education workshops
  • Therapeutic workshops
  • Mentor: Assist newer teachers as they move towards Inspired or Certified status
  • Share your special skills: If you have a passion for a particular aspect of teaching, apply for Subject Matter Specialist status (in support of the School’s 300-hour Teacher Training offerings). Go here for more information.
  • Find a sponsor: Ask a business you know to be a sponsor of Anusara Yoga. The clothing you wear while teaching, the mat (and other props) you use, your photographer, your website host, etc., etc. —- all these businesses and more benefit from exposure.  YOU could be a conduit for the School in this endeavor!

Designate the School as a beneficiary through programs like:


To offer your ideas or volunteer, email

Thank you for supporting the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga through your involvement!

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