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Dear Friends of the Anusara Yoga Community, 

As an international teacher-led school, serving on the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Board of Directors is a wonderful way to learn new skills, share your knowledge and experience, make new friends and bring to life the School’s core values of collaboration and unity within diversity! Besides, you learn how the School operates and works behind the scenes! 

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Board of Directors is seeking six (6) new Directors for the Board. We have one year term, two year term and three-year term starting on May 1, 2024.

Since three (3) Board members’ terms end in December 2023, and three (3) board members need to step down from their positions for personal reasons, there will be six (6) openings on the Board starting in May 2024, besides the opening positions for one (1) member from Asia/Pacific and one (1) member from China.

Normally all members of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Board of Directors serve three-year terms. However due to early resignations from 3 members due to  health issues or unforeseen  time/work constraints , we have one and two year terms as well.  

As part of the new structure our School is creating, where the Board is taking a more active role in working together with the Operations Team and in keeping with the School’s core values, the Board of Directors has designated the following number of slots per global region, based on the number of licensed teachers in that region:

  • Europe: 6 
  • USA & Canada: 4 
  • Latin America: 3
  • China: 1 
  • Asia/Pacific (excluding China): 1

Here is the current breakdown by region:

  • Europe: 2
  • USA & Canada: 4
  • Latin America: 0
  • China: 0
  • Asia/Pacific (excluding China): 0

Therefore, the Board of Directors seeks to fill the following seats for the next 3-year term (May 2024-December 2026):

RegionOpen Seats
USA & Canada0
Latin America3

We will accept applications until February 23, 2024. 

Anyone with a passion for collaboration, innovation, excellence, team work, and a love of Anusara Yoga is invited to apply.

This year, the Board hopes to identify individuals with marketing, financial management, and legal and/or fundraising skills. 

As a teacher-led school, the Board will first consider Anusara teachers with a current license. The Board will also seriously consider graduates of an Anusara teacher training who are not licensed, but nevertheless have high qualifications in specific skills or experience that the School needs.

As part of the new structure the school is taking, the Board is seeking members who are passionate about the growth of the school, and can help develop a few projects the Board is currently working on, one example is the Fundamentals and Innovation Committee, which will be in charge of reviewing innovative teacher trainings and workshops.

Please consider this unique opportunity to make your voice heard, serve in a leadership role and participate in the governance of an international nonprofit yoga school!

Questions? Send an email to

Thank you,
Letizzia Wastavino
Chair, Nominating Committee
Board of Directors
Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

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