Welcome to the ASHY Canada Region page.

Karen Claffey, Certified Anusara yoga teacher

Karen Claffey, Certified Anusara yoga teacher

We Canadians are a peaceful, hearty and hardy people. While Anusara Yoga is, relatively speaking in its infancy here, it is (re)gaining momentum as dedicated teachers are stepping into leadership roles in their communities. Together we are nurturing the vibrant growth of our community with steady love and bright enthusiasm. While our differences may be our country’s vast and varied physical landscape, our heart-felt unity is Universal. There is much positive energy flowing into our revitalized community. We have many courageous and passionate individuals who are devoted to seeing Anusara thrive and grow.

ASHY teacher certification continually moves forward, working with and supported by our global ASHY certification committee and managed by our individual regions.

Speaking of certification, we are super excited and honoured to have Louise Hanly join our Canadian-Certification team. Louise will now be working, along with myself, as a mentor and assessor to candidates moving through the Anusara Teacher licensing processes.

To further support the growth and unity of ASHY in Canada and globally, we are building a Community Support Team for each global region. We are thrilled and so lucky to have Jeannine Plaiche from Montreal-Longueuil Quebec who is filling this role here in Canada. 

We have our own ASHY Canada Facebook page where we may post events, share ideas, information as well as love andsupport. Like us on Facebook!

For more information on how to get involved with the ASHY Canada Region please contact Regional Coordinator Karen Claffey.

Much love and bright blessings,