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Join us live on Zoom for free Anusara yoga continuing education on June 11th at 8 p.m. EST (USA – New York time). Log in 15-minutes early to socialize and build community, connection, and collaboration.

Note: While our event is free, you must REGISTER to attend. You will receive a confirmation email with a password to log in to the gathering.

Join us for a life-affirming yoga retreat. September 17-20 in the Rocky Mountains USA with 20+ world class teachers. Event tickets on sale now. Learn more.

Our Next Presenter

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Tiffany Wood presents Yoga Class Planning Strategies.

Samudra Shakti Online
Sunday, June 11, 2023
USA Time Zones: 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, 6 p.m. Mountain, 5 p.m. Pacific
Presenter: Tiffany Wood, Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher
Topic: Yoga Class Planning Strategies

When reference to Chit-Ananda is used skillfully during an asana class, it can create an emotional connection to the alignment based practice. Learn how to use Chit-Ananda in a way that feels authentic to your style of teaching.

In this Samudra Shakti Online presentation, Tiffany Wood, creates the container of success that will help to: – Maintain the greater context of the five UPA’s as you focus on the 1-2 teaching points. – Link the 2-3 main points of the Apex Pose and/or Demonstration to Chit Ananda. – Use your main teaching points to address first level therapeutics.

This class will include – 20 minute theme based asana practice – A deeper understanding of of Chit Ananda as an emotional tool to invest students in the UPAs – A reusable pdf class planning template that captures and plans for use of Chit/Ananda. The “Mantra of Five” – A quick way to effectively use all Five UPA’s in one pose so that the teachings are held in the greater context.

We’ll make the connection that our personal individual growth leads to our expanded capacity to serve others. Together, we’ll explore ideas to find Grace, beauty, and strength as we enjoy community and collaboration.

Thank You!

We began Anusara Yoga’s free online continuing education concept in 2019 after our first in-person yoga gathering in Estes Park, Colorado. As volunteers, we have steadfastly worked over 5 years to help bring you quality content in order to create more Community, Connection, and Collaboration.

Our extensive collection of co-creative work in service to the Anusara community remains for you to enjoy. It includes a robust free YouTube video library and in-depth free Anusara philosophy blog articles & methodology blog articles to help you continue to expand in your understanding and evolve your approach to your yoga practice.

Furthermore, we invite you to celebrate with us and join us in person at Samudra Shakti – our 4-day Anusara Yoga Retreat – September 17-20, 2023 in the Rocky Mountains.

With gratitude for your ongoing support and interest, it’s been our pleasure,
Madhuri Martin & Lisa Long

Join us! Life-Affirming Yoga Retreat

Get all the details for Samudra Shakti – our in-person retreat – in the Rocky Mountains USA – Fall 2023.

Samudra Shakti – Yoga Retreat – September 17-20

Ready to retreat? Practice awesome yoga? Be in a beautiful place?

Come be with us in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains USA for Samudra Shakti 2023.

Sunday, September 17 through Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Samudra Shakti 2023 is open to everyone: teachers, students, friends, family from all yoga disciplines and backgrounds.

This phenomenal gathering includes daily yoga with inspiring teachers, meditation, time in nature, meals and lodging. Get your event ticket and reserve your lodging now.

Missed a Samudra Shakti Online Presentation?

Got you covered! If you missed the Live, many of our Samudra Shakti Online presentations may be found on Facebook and some on YouTube. Visit our video library on our USA Region Facebook page and our Samudra Shakti Online playlist on Anusara’s global YouTube channel.

A majority of our presentations are simulcast to Facebook Live on the USA Region Facebook page. If you missed a recent presentation, you may find the recording here usually within an hour after the live event completes. You may also scroll to watch past recordings. This library is unedited. You will see the entire live event. You do not need a Facebook account to access the video library.

Anusara’s Global YouTube channel has a Samudra Shakti Online playlist. We have a select number of presentations edited down to the primary content. We will continue to add more. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned to our Samudra Shakti Online playlist for Anusara yoga free continuing education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samudra Shakti ONLINE?

With Samudra Shakti ONLINE, we continue the collaboration, expand the connection, and deepen the learning of Anusara methodology and philosophy. Samudra Shakti ONLINE is open to everyone. Our live online gatherings are free.

How did the idea for Samudra Shakti ONLINE originate?

In Fall 2019, our USA Anusara teachers’ gathering in Estes Park, CO was shakti-filled. With a desire to keep the energy alive, Samudra Shakti ONLINE was born.

Who coordinates Samudra Shakti ONLINE?

Our monthly live ONLINE event is coordinated by Certified Anusara teachers in the USA Region who volunteer their time and talents:
 Lisa Long
– Madhuri Martin

I missed a Samudra Shakti Online live presentation. Is there a video available?

Yes! Samudra Shakti Online simulcasts our live event from Zoom to Facebook Live. The Live recordings are housed in a Facebook video library.

The Facebook video library contains a majority of our presentations. You may scroll the Anusara Yoga USA Region Facebook page to find our Video Library. Be sure to comment, like, and share.

We also have a Samudra Shakti Online Playlist on Anusara’s global YouTube Channel. The YouTube Playlist contains select edited presentations. It does not contain all of the past presentations.

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I love Samudra Shakti Online. And, I’d really like to be with everyone in-person. Any chance for us to meet in person?

Absolutely! Join us for Samudra Shakti – Estes Park, Colorado – Fall 2023.
This in-person gathering is open to everyone – students, teachers, friends, family. Sunday, September 17 through Wednesday, September 20, 2023. We have a spectacular event planned. We are so excited!

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