Circadian Rhythm and 3 A’s

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Relationship of Circadian Rhythm and Anusara’s 3 A’s

Understanding the relationship of our natural circadian rhythm and Anusara’s 3 A’s helps us make skillful self care choices. As well, through steady practice we may

  • increase energy
  • expand awareness
  • connect to our true dharma.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

Often, circadian rhythm is defined as our sleep / awake cycle. Likewise, many think of it as simply getting a good night’s rest.

In fact, every cell in our body is governed by our circadian rhythm. Accordingly, it regulates all of our cells and body systems. Furthermore, our health habits and attitude either positively or negatively affect our circadian rhythm.

What are Anusara Yoga’s 3 A’s?

The 3 A’s are core teachings that help us unpack Anusara’s non-dual philosophy both on and off the mat.

Basically, they are based on 3 of the 5 Powers of Shiva or Consciousness.

  1. Chit – Consciousness

  2. Ananda – Bliss

  3. Iccha – Will or Intention

  4. Jnana – Knowledge

  5. Kriya – Taking Right Action – from our deep intention to align more fully with our Higher Self

With the 3 A’s, Anusara’s global community translates and simplifies a very profound philosophical teaching of Non-dual Tantra.

Anusara’s 3 A’s are

  • Attitude
  • Alignment
  • Action.

Circadian Rhythm and Anusara’s 3 A’s

Our circadian rhythm may be positively impacted by not only awareness of Anusara’s 3 A’s, yet also from steadfast practice. As a matter of fact, when our health habits are in sync with Mother Nature and in rhythm, our body naturally heals itself.

In addition, when our Sankalpa (deepest intention/ Attitude) is aligned with our true Essence (Chit), we may skillfully make choices (Alignment) and take right Action that brings fulfillment and the experience of Ananda (Bliss).

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Sync with your Circadian Rhythm

To sync with your circadian rhythm and explore healthy ways to increase your energy, begin with Awareness of daily choices. Try these 5 ideas.

5 Healthy Ways to Increase Energy

  1. Rest and Digest

    Time meals in order to feed the body in rhythm with nature so the digestion rests in between meals (Intermittent Fasting).

  2. Drink Water

    Hydrate first thing in the morning and  throughout the day to encourage peristalsis.

  3. Sleep Well

    Get deep nourishing sleep by going to bed early and getting up at dawn.

  4. Stay Active

    Move your body through asana, cardio, and strengthening exercises.

  5. Connect with Yourself

    Explore subtle body practices like chanting, pranayama and mediation to attune your energy body.

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Using the 3 A’s to Flow with your Circadian Rhythm

Building a healthy relationship with our mind and body is the practice of Anusara yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Undeniably, these practices help bring our body into sync with our natural circadian rhythm.


By aligning your deep intention (Attitude or Iccha Shakti) to attuning to Mother Nature you may

  • rid yourself of excess weight
  • decrease sluggish energy at mid afternoon
  • reduce unhealthy carvings for sweet and salty, carbohydrates, and junk food.

In addition, by honoring your intention, you may begin tending to your mind and adrenals. As well, your attitude towards habits that over stimulate awareness might shift. Furthermore, you may begin decreasing your time playing video games, scrolling social media, and watching violent films.

Overall, with an attitude of fasting from the constant barrage of over stimulation, you may experience more clarity and focus throughout your day. Thereby, you may shift your attitude.


Through skillful application of Alignment to Intermittent Fasting or rhythmic eating you may

  • reduce inflammation in your gut
  • lessen your allergy attacks
  • reduce chronic headaches
  • relieve digestive issues of gas and bloating
  • alleviate chronic constipation
  • discontinue weight creep.

Amazingly, when in sync, our body literally eats its own fat cells and debris from metabolism. This is called autophagy.

In short, when we align with choices that support our well being, we reap the benefits in many ways.


The practice of Yoga is skillful Action that helps settle the mind and body. After all, our yogic actions prepare us to sit in meditation where we learn skills to not identify with our thought forms. Rather, we learn to see the mind as part of who we are and not our entire essence. 

For example, you have hair and nails. You are not your hair and nails. You have hair and nails.

Similarly, you also have thoughts. As well, you are not your thoughts. You have thoughts.

Once we get some perspective from our thoughts and emotions, we recognize that we are not our thoughts and emotions.

In like manner, we begin to understand that negative feelings like worry, anxiety, or rage are part of our human experience.

In truth, this skillful action takes time to develop. We witness our awareness through steady practice. Actually, by our actions, we do shift over time. 

Most important, this perspective helps us grow into mature and more present adults who may experience the full range of emotions without “acting out” or dumping emotions on others.

In essence, our actions become skillful.

Potent Potential of our Circadian Rhythm and 3 A’s

By practicing the 3 A’s of Anusara Yoga, we bring our body and mind into harmony with mother nature. As a result, we sync with our circadian rhythm and through right action, we increase our energy and expand our awareness. With our highest intention, we step into our fullest potential. 

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