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Benefits of Yoga Inner Stability

Anusara Yoga practitioners at a global yoga retreat practice Padangusthasana (hand to big toe pose) which relies on inner stability. Yoga Cultivates Inner Stability Through steady yoga practice, we recognize a feeling of inner stability on all levels of our being. When we feel a constant inner stability in our mind, body, and hearts, we […]

Circadian Rhythm and 3 A’s

Relationship of Circadian Rhythm and Anusara’s 3 A’s Understanding the relationship of our natural circadian rhythm and Anusara’s 3 A’s helps us make skillful self care choices. As well, through steady practice we may increase energyexpand awarenessconnect to our true dharma. What is Circadian Rhythm? Often, circadian rhythm is defined as our sleep / awake […]

Open to Grace

Open to Grace is a Recognition “Open to Grace” is one of Anusara Yoga’s premier gifts to the contemporary world of hatha yoga. Since its inception in 1997, Anusara Yoga practitioners begin each asana, pranayama, philosophy lecture,and community gathering with a moment of recognition, as individuals and as a collective kula, by invoking Grace.  What […]