Anusara Subject Matter Specialist Directory

Are you a specialist in a particular field of yoga study?

As a part of the 300-Hour Anusara Teacher Training (ATT), the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga has created a category of instructors  that are experts in their fields and want to participate in teacher trainings. Referred to as Subject Matter Specialists (SMS), these people might have skills in diverse areas like anatomy, kinesiology, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, business management, or in teaching special populations.  The SMS title is applicable for both currently licensed Anusara yoga teachers and others. 

SMS’s may lead 300-hour teacher training modules that are specifically related to their field of expertise. SMS’s that are not current Anusara yoga teachers are called Associate Subject Matter Specialists. View the directory of SMS teachers below to see the depth of field our teachers are trained in.

What can a Subject Matter Specialist teach?

A SMS can teach elective subjects in the ATT, such as Ayurveda or Sanskrit. A SMS can also teach four (4) of the  nine (9) required ATT modules: philosophy, anatomy, Teaching Meditation and Teaching Pranayama.

An Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher (ECAT) must teach the other five required modules. An ECAT can teach all of the required modules. They can also invite a Subject Matter Specialist to teach a module that the SMS is qualified to teach.

Who can apply?

Anusara Elements™, Anusara-Inspired™ or Anusara Certified teachers may apply for SMS license for a particular area in which they have qualifying expertise and experience the same application instructions apply.

Because the SMS title is designed to support teacher trainers in their 300-hour ATT programs, the applicant must provide 2 referrals. At least one of the referrals must be an Experienced Certified Anusara yoga teacher (ECAT) the other can be an ECAT or Certified Anusara yoga teacher trainer.

Interested in applying?

A person can apply to be a specialist in more than one category but needs to purchase each license separately. For example, a teacher who applies for the Anusara SMS license in “Meditation” and in “Philosophy” will have to pay for two (2) separate license titles.

The SMS retains their materials, copyrights, intellectual ownership, etc.

If your application is accepted:

  • You will be charged the SMS license fee, and then again annually to retain the SMS license.

Ellen Saltonstall

Jack Harrison

Maitreya Larios

Jenifer Harbour

Keneen McNiven

Monique Fay

Greg Lewerenz

Judyth Hill

Cate Stillman

Monique van Driel

Lois Nesbitt

Doug Keller

Bill Dorigan

Martin Svitek