Anusara Subject Matter Specialist Directory

The School has created a category for both currently licensed Anusara yoga teachers and others that are experts in their fields. These people might have skills in areas like anatomy, kinesiology, ayurveda, yoga philosophy, business management, or in teaching special populations. SMS’s may lead teacher training modules that are specifically related to their field of expertise. SMS that are not current Anusara yoga teachers are called Associate Subject Matter Specialists. View the directory of SMS teachers below to see the depth of field our teachers are trained in.

Ellen Saltonstall

Gail Corvette

Alicia Poldino

Jack Harrison

Maitreya Larios

Jenifer Harbour

Keneen McNiven

Monique Fay

Rebecca Barry

Samantha Zilvitis

Wendy Sadler

Terri Simmons

Jaclyn Eisman

Georges Dreyfus

Robin Golt

Anna Ashby

Greg Lewerenz

Judyth Hill

Cate Stillman

Pamela Menzell

Monique van Driel

Juliana Afram

Lois Nesbitt

Doug Keller

Bill Dorigan