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Monique van Driel


Teaching yoga since 2010 and being owner of a small yogastudio in the beautiful but busy port city of Rotterdam since 2013, I can see a growing need for slowing down, relaxation and give ourselves some air, everywhere around me.

Since the world around us seems to go faster and faster and our senses are daily overloaded with thousands of visual, auditive and tactile stimuli, I noticed a couple of years ago that there’s a real need for restorative yoga. As a yoga teacher it is my heartwish and happy job to help people to switch their focus from Doing to Being every once in a while.

Yoga in general and restorative yoga in particular can help us to slow down, release tension and stay healthy and balanced. Although it may seem so, restorative yoga is not always easy for everyone. In fact restorative yoga is all about the fine-art of not-doing, a delicate practice that surely benefits our systems, but can also be quit a challenge for people these days.

It doesn’t matter what kind of yoga you teach: most of the students will love a good restorative pose once in a while; basically it enables students to unwind for a moment. In the rush of daily life we -which is me included- tend to forget the importance of giving ourselves some precious moments of doing nothing. Offering a good restorative pose or -class can be big change for people and a little change for the world. In my opinion the world needs restorative yoga!

In 2010 I met Jayendra at the Dutch Yoga Festival and I’ve been practicing Anusara Yoga with him since then. I’m very grateful to have been able to meet and practice with many amazing Anusara teachers on my journey and to be part of  such a wonderful community. Already during my first immersion I was touched by the powerful effects of Restorative yoga. I started teaching it even earlier than Anusara Yoga itself, after I took a few indepth trainings with advanced Restorative Yoga teachers.

I teach weekly restorative yoga classes, relaxation workshops and Restorative Teacher Training (modules). All regular classes I teach donation-based; workshops and the teacher training modules according to the principles of my own ‘Relaxed Economy’; a new idea for a more relaxed society.



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