Help support the School

As a non-profit organization, the growth of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga and of our resources relies heavily on your generous donations.

The School’s vision is to foster a unified community that inspires and supports all practitioners of Anusara yoga, from local to global. In order to do that, we have set the mission of building structure that promotes and sustains the worldwide growth of Anusara yoga’s philosophy and methodology. Your donations contribute directly to the building of that structure and the realization of the School’s vision.

The School is a non-profit corporation recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the United States Internal Revenue Service. This means we can accept donations, apply for grants and seek other funding resources only available to non-profit organizations.

Your donations and gifts will go towards funding a variety of our School’s projects and services including:

  • Streamlining our Certification process;
  • Strengthening our teacher mentorship program at the different levels of licensing;
  • Funding the translation of our materials into the different languages represented in our global community;
  • Expanding Anusara’s presence in regional workshops and international yoga festivals.

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