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Without the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, Anusara yoga wouldn’t exist. We strive to be a community where everyone is welcome and experiences the beautiful principles of Anusara yoga. We believe in the method and aim to nurture and sustain an environment in which all yoga practitioners learn, become educated and/or develop a professional career in the method. We truly believe in the power of community.


Education / Scholarships

Global, regional & local events

Curriculum Development

Professional Development

To sustain Anusara yoga and the School that holds all its component pieces together, the School relies on support from teachers, students, and friends of Anusara. In other words, YOU! Financial contributions go to many areas within the School, including:

  • Professional Development
  • Education / Scholarships
  • Curriculum Development
  • Global, regional & local events

A Word about Community

Community is defined several ways:

  • A group of people living in an area or having a similar characteristic
  • A group of interdependent organisms growing or living together
  • A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals

The last definition most clearly defines our Anusara community, which has been present – and emphasized – since Anusara was founded. Community continues to be central to Anusara yoga today. The School plays a central role in building and sustaining community among Anusara practitioners worldwide by offering events and other opportunities to gather and collaborate in person and virtually.

A Word about Professional Development

The School plays a key role in professional development and continuing education. Teachers are thirsty to keep learning and growing. Students who discover Anusara want to deepen their knowledge and experience of this unique style of Hatha yoga. The School ensures Anusara’s teaching materials and trainings are of the highest quality and is offering more and more continuing education opportunities.

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How you support this community and professional development is a personal endeavor.
There are many ways to get involved! Check out the “Get Involved” page on the Anusara website.

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