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Anusara is… an international community of the heart!

What is Anusara Yoga?

Anusara is a branch of Hatha yoga that uniquely integrates deep spiritual teachings and precise principles of alignment into the practice.  At the heart of Anusara Yoga are its life-affirming principles of “Opening to Grace” and “Aligning with the Divine.”

Anusara Yoga provides students with a solid foundation in the ancient non-dual Tantric philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. Anusara recognizes and honors its many roots in the expanding art and science of yoga over its thousands of years of evolution. Each informs the present and adds depth and diversity to the practice.

Anusara is also a community of students and teachers who are deeply connected to the heart of yoga.  Its emphasis on the embodiment of Grace and its profound philosophical teachings are designed to open the practitioner’s heart to life’s possibilities, creating vibrancy of body, mind and spirit.  As such, Anusara Yoga becomes an alignment guide for our life, on and off the mat.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is the international school that teaches and promotes the practice of Anusara Yoga.  It is a teacher-led non-profit organization governed by an elected Board of Directors and is comprised of the Operations Team (staff) and its various committees, which are responsible for the School’s day-to-day operations. The School has no single leader or central spiritual teacher. Rather, it draws on the power of the Anusara Yoga community’s collaborative effort.

What makes Anusara Yoga special?

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga; Anusara Yoga; Yoga schools; yoga teacher training

Anusara is… Tapping into power and Grace

Anusara Yoga inspires through life-affirming themes. Anusara teachers weave an inspirational heart theme into each class, which helps students connect the physical practice with a deep feeling of self-honoring, safety, community, devotion and love. Anusara’s philosophy holds that the Supreme is present in all things, and as such, practitioners of Anusara Yoga look for and align with the Divine good in all things and allow for this good to be realized in themselves and in others. Themes are often rooted in these types of deep spiritual principles that are expressed throughout each class, making the practice both a joyful and an inspirational experience.

Anusara Yoga is alignment based. Anusara promotes creative freedom and individuality while teaching within a precise methodology called the Universal Principles of Alignment™. These alignment principles bring attention to the sacredness of the physical body. Students learn how to properly align the body as well as develop strength, vitality and a clearer understanding of how the body works in order to master life’s challenges.

The Philosophy of Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga is grounded in a non-dual Tantric philosophy that teaches us everything in this world is an embodiment of Supreme Consciousness, which at its essence pulsates with awareness and the pure bliss. This philosophy is put into practice by always looking for the intrinsic goodness of every situation in order to appropriately respond to what is happening in the present moment.  Read more about our philosophy.

What does an Anusara Yoga class look like?

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga; Anusara Yoga; Yoga schools; yoga teacher training

Anusara is… Opening to the Divine

The methodology unveils the students’ innate goodness, worthiness and supreme nature. Its profound spiritual principles make the physical practice more complete and fulfilling for every student at every level of practice.  Each class utilizes a heart theme and supportive physical alignment that accentuates its expression through the poses. This makes the classes fluid, safe and fun.  Anusara teachers come from diverse backgrounds and infuse their insights, personal life experiences and life journeys into their classes making them more personal and relevant.

Classes begin with an introduction of the heart theme for the class and a centering alignment that often includes chanting of “OM” and the Anusara Invocation. The teacher then guides the students through a warm-up and then progressive sequences of poses. An emphasis is placed on the class theme through the physical and artistic expression of the poses. Classes take the students deep into the feeling sensations of each pose and sequence, so as to integrate body-mind with heart and spirit. Once a peak pose is reached the class winds down into an extended rest period and or meditation. Students leave class refreshed, challenged and inspired.

What are the benefits of practicing Anusara Yoga?

  • Anusara classes will inspire ad uplift you. are inspiring and uplifting.
  • Precise alignment principles make the practice safer for students of all levels.
  • You will learn how to recognize your intrinsic goodness and how to see goodness in others.
  • You will learn to deepen your yoga practice in a way that enhances your connection to self and liberates your artistic expression from inner body to the outer world.
  • You will learn that opening to Grace and creating steadiness will help carry you through life’s challenges, on and off the mat.

Why become an Anusara Yoga teacher?

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga; Anusara Yoga; Samavesha Anusara Gathering; yoga teacher training; yoga schools

Anusara is … Instilling trust and confidence

Becoming a licensed Anusara Yoga teacher is a rewarding challenge for the serious yoga student looking for a high quality training and level of teaching instruction.  The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise from a diverse group of teachers specializing in bio-mechanics and yoga philosophy.  The breadth and depth of our 200-hour and 300-hour teacher trainings supersede the general requirements set by the Yoga Alliance.

Anusara teacher licensing is comprised of three progressive levels: Anusara-Elements™, Anusara-Inspired™, and Certified™ Anusara Yoga teacher.  Each licensing level honors the student on their path and encourages them to continue learning. As teachers gain more experience, their capacity to effectively teach and inspire on multiple levels grows. Read more about our three-tired licencing process.

By infusing the physical practice with a deeper philosophical and spiritual connection, our teachers are able to connect with people on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. As such, the Anusara teacher training process has produced some of the most skilled and professionally informed yoga teachers in today’s global yoga community.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga are a heart-centered global yoga community, created and led by a global team of teachers who honor the lineage of yoga. Through our School students and teachers are offered a unique opportunity to take their learning and practice to a deeper level.  From our non-dual philosophical roots and life-affirming alignment based methodology, to our emphasis on building community worldwide, Anusara Yoga is a healthy, challenging, and radically fun way to find out who you are, discover your essence and create a rich and meaningful life.

Learn the Anusara invocation.

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Anusara School of Hatha Yoga; Anusara Yoga; Yoga schools; yoga teacher training