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The Asia/Pacific kula is a vibrant, sustainable and fast-growing community. This vast and diverse region includes mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; India, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia; Australia and New Zealand. We uphold the non-dual tantric philosophy, maintain the integrity of the Anusara method and support the diverse voices and talents from within the region and globally.

Anusara’s systematic approach and action oriented philosophy, has yielded a community of dedicated and enthusiastic Anusara teachers and students. The continuous efforts of our Anusara Yoga teachers, has seen increased growth in the region with China being the fastest growing country globally. The region’s growth is a result of our teachers inspiring their students to connect to the core values of Anusara Yoga and building community. Benjamin china

The Asia/Pacific region also has a strong learning community. Within the region there is a rich offering of teacher trainings and workshops offered by local teachers and visiting international teachers. These offerings are available to any student who wants to deepen their understanding of the practice. We give gratitude to all of the teachers and students who continue to support our community of the heart.

If you would like more information about Anusara Yoga in Asia Pacific, or would like to join our team to help our community grow, please contact our regional representatives or country coordinators.

Regional Professional Developement & Regional Community Outreach Representative:

Please contact your Professional Development Representative regarding teacher licensing or Certification or your Regional Community Outreach Representative for questions about our School (click to contact)

Benjamin Finnerty, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Regional Community Outreach & Professional Development Representative (English & Chinese Speaking). E-mail:

Amanda Morley, Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga Teacher, Regional Community Outreach Representative (English speaking). E-mail:

Christina Fu, Regional Professional Development Representative (Chinese Speaking). E-mail:

Contact a Country Coordinator:

Contact your Country Coordinator for questions about Anusara in your Country. If you do not see your country listed or if you’d like to volunteer as country coordinator please contact your Regional Community Outreach Representative.


Australia & New Zealand Amanda Morley
China Benjamin Finnerty
China (South) Siyuan Shi WeChat: ssy-13202064702
— (Southwest) Yuan Gao WeChat: gaoyuan2225
— (North) An Chang WeChat: annyogi
— (Northwest) Mandy Zhao WeChat: wxid_emnvw5gx1fdo22
— (Central) Feng Xian WeChat: xftxl1120
— (East) Chuanhui Zhu WeChat: wxid_qpu1fb6qt98r12
Japan Mika Chang

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