Heart of Anusara Event Series

Connect to your global Anusara community with our calendar of regional events offered by teachers who have joined the call to unite through local offerings!

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Please note that links may expire as event dates pass.

January 2019

100 Hour Anusara Immersion with Robin Christ
San Diego, California, USA, January-March

Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training with Sara Davidson Flanders
Providence, Rhode Island, USA, January-June

Revolutionize with Suzanne Slocum – Gori
Online Course, January 1-February 9

Inmersión I, II,III with Gisela Vázquez Rodríguez / Carlos Pomeda/ Bill Mahony
Madrid, Spain, January 2019-July 2019

100h Anusara Immersion with Silke Wilson, Courtenay Willis, Bill Mahony, Jaye Martin & Jayendra Hanley
Tervuren/Belgium, January 2019-June 2019

Precision + Grace: a 200 hour teacher training with Bridget Woods Kramer
London, UK, January 2019-August 2019

Anusara Immersion with Jackie Prete and Rudrani Farbman
New York, New York, USA, January-May 2019

Community Yoga Gathering with Tiffany Wood
Park City, Utah, January 6

Anusara and the Precision of Alignment through Controled Articulation with Jenifer Harbour
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA, January 11-13

Anusara Immersion Program with Jonas Westring
Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 12-27

Hip Health with Sienna Smith
Berkeley, California, USA, January 19

Wisdom Warrior Training for age 50 + with Desiree Rumbaugh
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, January 17-20

Workshop – ATT Anatomy with Adam Ballenger
Rome, Italy, January 19-20

PT200I1 Anusara® Yoga Immersion Course Module 1 with Noeleen Tyrrell
Ard Nahoo, Mullagh, Dromahair, Ireland, January 24-27

Workshop with Adam Ballenger
Reggio Emilia, Italy, January 25-27

Intensivo Filosofía with Carlos Pomeda
Madrid, Spain, January 25-27

Vieni a bagnarti nella sorgente with Alberto Vezzani
Verla, Canca, Goa, India, January 27-February 9

200 h Pranayama Yogalehrer Fortbildung 1/4 with Vilas Turske
Potsdam, Germany, January 29-February 5

February 2019

Seminario di Filosofia con Carlos Pomeda
Roma, Italy, February 5-6

Lower back liberation: Yoga for deep core strength and hip release with Suzanne Zuber
Berkeley, CA, February 9

Anusara Immersion II with Jackie Prete
Osaka, Japan, February 6-10

Seat of the Teacher with Suzanne Slocum- Gori
London , UK, February 11-15

Ocean of the Heart Meditation &Yoga Retreat with Christy McKenzie
Tulum, Mexico, February 14-19

Wisdom Warrior Training for Ages 50 + with Desiree Rumbaugh
Atlanta, Georgia, USA, February 14-17

Mayurveda: Living Ayurveda for Women in their Childbearing Years with Jessica Jennings, MS
Online, February 21

Deepening Your Practice on and off the Mat with Carmel Calcagno
St. Terese, Costa Rica, February 24- March 2

March 2019

Anusara Mini Master Workshop with Karin Rüger
Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, March 1-2

30 Hour Teacher Training with Carmel Calcagno
Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, March 10-17

Glow- An Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Retreat with Rachel Bush
Todos Santos, Mexico, March 16-21

April 2019

Journey to the Heart of Anusara Yoga with Jackie Prete Tiffany Wood, Chaya Spencer and John Seelye
Kripalu Retreat Center Stockbridge, Massachusettes, USA, April 5-7

Teacher Training 200hr Part 2 with Saraswati Clere, Suzanne Zuber
Berkeley, California, USA, April-September

Osterretreat mit Lalla with Lalla Turske
Potsdam, Germany, April 19-22

Bali 2019 yoga teacher training with Bridget Woods Kramer
Ubud, Bali, April 21-May 18

Frühlingsretreat mit Lalla auf Kreta with Lalla Turske
Crete, Greece, May 25-June1

Body is the Temple Yoga Retreat with Tiffany Wood
Playa Xinalani, Puerto Vallarta South Shore, Mexico, April 27th-May 4th

May 2019

Anusara Immersion III with Jackie Prete
Osaka, Japan, May 1-5

100 Hour IMMERSION with Tiffany Wood
Park City, Utah, USA,  May-August

200 Hour Teaching Training with Tiffany Wood
Park City, Utah, USA, May-December

Pranayama Yogalehrer Fortbildung 2/4 with Vilas Turske
Potsdam, Germany, May 9-May14,

Weekend Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Bologna, Italy, May 17-19

The Yoga of Pregnancy & Postpartum Teacher Training with Jessica Jennings, MS
Los Angeles, California, USA, May 18

Yoga of the Heart: A Week-long Yoga Retreat with Peter Goodman
Jorox, Spain, May 19-26

Yoga: the Union of Opposite Polarities with Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrew Rivin
Roma, Italy, May 21-22

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Mainz, Germany, May 24-26

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Surrey, England, May 21-June 2

The Yoga of Healing for Women in their Childbearing Years with Jessica Jennings, MS
Los Angeles, California, USA, May 25

June 2019

Immersions 1-3 with Nicole Konrad
Cologne, Germany, June-September

Awakening of the Heart ~ 200 Hour Teacher Training with Suzanne Slocum- Gori
Ibiza, Spain, June-October

Yoga and Philosophy Retreat with Bridget Woods Kramer and Bill Mahony
St Agnes, Cornwall, UK, June 22-26

Secret Heart Anusara Yoga Festival with Sarah Powell, Noeleen Tyrell, Bridget Woods-Kramer and Bill Mahoney
Co. Leitrim, Ireland, June 7-9


August 2019

Retreat mit Lalla in Buckow with Lalla Turske
Buckow, Germany, August 14-18

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh

Shijiazhuang, China, August 16-20

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Dongguan, China, August 23-25

Pranayama Yogalehrer Fortbildung with Vilas Turske
Potsdam, Germany, August 28-September 2

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, August 30- September 1


September 2019

Vielschichtigkeit – Das Ischia Retreat mit Lalla with Lalla Turske

Ischia, Italy, September 14-21

October 2019

Ayurveda & Anusara Yoga Retreat Rügen with Claudia Dahnelt
Sellin, Rügen, Germany, October 20-25


November 2019

Herbstretreat mit Vilas auf Kreta with Lalla Turske
Crete, Greece, November 3-10

Pranayama Yogalehrer Fortbildung 4/4 with Vilas Turske
Potsdam, Germany, November 14-19

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Auckland, New Zealand, November 15-17

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Christchurch, New Zealand, November 22-24

Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh
Wellington, New Zealand, November 29-December 1