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What is Anusara Yoga?

A modern methodology to teach yoga, Anusara brings spirit and grace into practice around the world. We celebrate life’s diversity, the qualities of our heart, and seek a connection to something greater than ourselves.

As a people-centered, teacher-led, global yoga organization, Anusara School of Hatha yoga teaches the exquisite methodology and philosophy of Anusara yoga.

In over 45 countries, licensed Anusara teachers offer

  • Weekly Classes
  • Teacher Trainings
  • Retreats and Workshops
  • Regional and Global Events.

Anusara teachers create each class and event with a heart-oriented theme that inspires and transforms students to work from the inside, out.

With the precision of Universal Principles of Alignment™, Anusara teachers guarantee that students are honored as unique individuals and are encouraged to safely explore poses that challenge and transform.

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International Yoga School

Formed in 2012 by an international group of yoga teachers, Anusara School of Hatha Yoga has a global presence and is operated by a dedicated team of staff and international volunteers. 

The School supports the transformational power of Anusara Yoga worldwide.

In 2017, the School became a non-profit organization and is now recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the United States Internal Revenue Service. As a global, teacher-led school, we seek to uphold a high standard of ethics and compassionate communication.

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Become a Yoga Teacher

We offer Anusara Teacher Trainings worldwide for you to become

  • a yoga teacher
  • 200 hour certified
  • 300 hour certified.

We offer a Bridge Program for 200 hour teachers so they may enter our 300 hour teacher training programs.

Anusara Licensing

Our international yoga school offers various Anusara licensing levels as individuals advance in their training and knowledge.

  • Anusara Elements
  • Anusara Inspired
  • Anusara Certified
  • Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher
  • Subject Matter Specialist

What does Anusara mean?

The word “Anusara” means to flow with Grace and celebrate the Divine in all things. The Sanksrit word “sara” provides a powerful understanding of the true nature of our being. Sara means both

  • essence and
  • flow.

Essence does not change. Meanwhile, flow is constant change. Anusara celebrates the complementary opposites as part of the Divine dance that is us, moves through us, and is all around us.

anusara yoga teacher smiling and assisting a student in warrior two pose

Anusara Teachers

Highly trained and skilled, Anusara’s teacher faculty has in-depth knowledge in

  • bio-mechanics
  • postural alignment
  • effective communication
  • therapeutics
  • philosophy.

    With skill, Anusara teachers understand how to weave heart qualities with technical instruction which enhances the innate beauty of each student.

    We invite you to join us in Teacher Trainings, Immersions and Events offered internationally, in person and online.
anusara yoga teacher, lisa long, assisting bonnie kiser in handstand

Yoga from Beginner to Advanced

Anusara teachers meet students where they are, and through exquisite instruction, take their classes to a higher place of experience. 

Anusara teachers help students create an attitude of awareness and steady confidence to express their most radiant self.  They employ Universal Principles of Alignment and refined complementary teachings of energy loops that spiral within the body.

Anusara’s methodology is among the most sophisticated available for study. It is infused with the power to transform and enrich your practice and life. 

Key Elements of an Anusara Class takes the practitioner through easy-to-follow steps present in each pose.  This merges body-mind-spirit in a beautiful way.

Anusara is one of the most integrated and complete yoga systems today.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

As a global, teacher-led school, Anusara School of Hatha Yoga uses its vision, mission, and values statements to provide a framework for strategy, focus, and decisions.

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s
Vision Statement

Awakening hearts, illuminating minds, strengthening bodies from the roots of yoga in recognition of the sacred in all beings

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s
Mission Statement

To sustain a vibrant educational hub that is guided by our life-affirming Tantric Yoga philosophy and the tradition of self-inquiry. We seek to promote the realization of human potential on all levels and to elevate health and well-being around the world.

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s
Core Values

Our School fulfills its mission and vision by using these core values to guide its work:

  • We recognize the power of collaboration, supported by mutual respect and responsibility.
  •  We accept that growth is an ongoing process, supported by humility and a spirit of innovation.
  • We celebrate the tremendous force for good and harmony by cultivating unity within diversity.
  • We seek refinement and excellence, defined by high standards, professionalism, and a desire to learn and provide service to others.
  • We believe in integrity and accountability, as characterized by fairness, honesty, and transparency.
  • We seek to be in right relationship with all life on a sustainable Earth.

woman in white shirt practicing ustrasana, camel pose, in an anusara yoga class

Anusara’s Kula of the Heart

Anusara yoga moves beyond asana technique and technical instruction. The practice inspires us to seek, with heartfelt intentions, the highest good for ourselves as we align with the Divine.

We foster a community of the heart also called a kula in Sanskrit. As we unfold from our heart, we co-create a community that honors our vision of strength in diversity and our union with the Divine.

We bring balanced action into our yoga practice so we feel the inherent joy and peace —ananda— in our poses, as well as in our life off the mat.

anusara yoga teachers and students listening to carlos pomeda speak about philosophy

Acclaimed Tantric Scholars

Anusara’s spiritual roots make it a powerful yoga system for transformation and connection to the heart.

Known for philosophical connections to non-dual Tantra, Anusara brings powerful philosophy to the mat. 

The School hosts a high level of internationally recognized philosophy teachers and Subject Matter Specialists, as well as, highly regarded scholars and experts in diverse fields of yoga study such as

Anusara practitioners choose to align with the Divine in all aspects of life. The infusion of philosophical refinement from our respected scholars adds notable depth to our teaching of hatha yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Anusara mean?

Anusara is a Sanskrit word that means to be in the flow with Grace.

When did Anusara yoga begin?

Anusara is a modern school of hatha yoga founded by American-born yoga teacher John Friend in 1997. He was a senior Iyengar yoga teacher wishing to augment its alignment principles with a connection to the heart throughout the practice.

Is John Friend still associated with Anusara yoga?

No. All rights to teach Anusara yoga were transferred over to the Anusara School of Hatha yoga in 2012. The School is now lead by its global community of dedicated teachers and a governing board of directors.

What makes Anusara unique as a style of yoga?

Anusara is structured around 5 guiding Universal Principles of Alignment that address attitude, alignment with the Divine and the physical body and the action that makes the practice a spiritual as well as body-oriented practice. Anusara is also about community, or the kula, or spiritual family. As such, it fosters a deep relationship within the community of teachers and students.

What are Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment or UPA’s?

Open to Grace, Muscle Energy, Inner Spiral, Outer Spiral and Organic Expansion.

How do I find an Anusara teacher?

Anusara teachers are trained and licensed through the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. More information and a teacher directory can be found on Anusara yoga’s website.

What is the philosophical background of Anusara yoga?

Anusara is a non-dualistic tantric teaching influenced by the classical teachings of Indian yoga. Renowned scholars inform and advance understanding of Anusara’s refined philosophy.

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