Operations Team

Here you will find the contact information about the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Operations Team, which functions as the School’s staff.  Samavesha Certification CommitteeThis team includes the devoted individuals who keep the organization flowing so that you–the heart of our school–can expand your knowledge of Anusara Yoga and share this exquisite teaching of intrinsic goodness with the world.

 The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Operations Team is organized into three departments:

  • Professional Development
  • Community Development and Outreach
  • Administration and Finance

Click HERE to view the Operations Team organizational chart.

For more information, contact Kim Friedman, Operations Team Coordinator, at kim@anusarayoga.com or (802) 348-9879 (USA).


General Inquiries  Tanya White – information@anusarayoga.com

Password reset/Teacher’s Lounge access – Ory Brown Ory@anusarayoga.com

Wholesale orders of ASHY manuals – Sarah Christiansen sarah@anusarayoga.com

License Payment/Billing Questions – Beth Stelz bookkeeping@anusarayoga.com

Certified Anusara and Anusara-inspired™ yoga teacher Licensing Questions – Tanya White tanya@anusarayoga.com

Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher Licensing Questions – Ory Brown AET@anusarayoga.com

ASHY Social Media (US) – Desiree Eastham desiree.usa@anusarayoga.com

General website issues – Tanya White tanya@anusarayoga.com

Regional Representatives 

Will Doran (USA) will@anusarayoga.com

Benjamin Finnerty (Asia/Pacific – China) benjamin@anusarayoga.com

Amanda Morley (Asia/Pacific – English speaking countries)

Paloma Rocha (Latin America) rr.latin-america@anusarayoga.com

Jeannine Plaiche (Canada)

Alessandra di Prampero (Europe) – alessandra@anusarayoga.com