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Lorin Roche PhD


Meditation is a dive into aliveness, into the underlying creativity that sustains us all. The basic dynamics of life – breathing, listening, seeing, loving – are used as doorways into meditation. The scientific research on meditation indicates that it can provide a rest deeper than sleep and benefit our physical, emotional, and mental health in many ways. Human beings are naturally good at meditation and tens of millions of people are wanting to learn the practice. Well-trained teachers are needed. You are needed.

Dr. Lorin Roche, along with his lifetime partner, Camille Maurine train meditation teachers in person and online via Radiance Sutras® School of Meditation. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced meditator, or a teacher of meditation, you will discover new and empowering keys to embodying a healthy, integrative approach.

Lorin Roche, PhD

Dr. Lorin Roche is a co-creator of Instinctive Meditation® and a pioneer in developing personalized meditation practices. Lorin was awarded a PhD from the University of California for his work on the inner experience of meditation. His books on meditation, including The Radiance Sutras, are treasured by meditation practitioners across the globe and have been widely recognized as a “must-read”.

Lorin’s training helps students feel that meditation is an innate skill that you are remembering rather than a technique that you are learning. This work is aimed at activating an individual’s internal guidance systems and bringing forth your instinctive knowing, so that you can safely practice meditation without being dependent upon gurus, systems, or external authorities.


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