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Kathrin Rottmann


My spiritual path began in early 1990 when, during a breathing workshop, I had the for me most astonishing experience that I was breathing and that this breath was also leading me deeply into a level of my being that had been completely unknown to me until then.

The next 20 years were marked by academic and personal studies in comparative religion, philosophy and Buddhism, training in Nonviolent Communication according to Rosenberg (GfK), the Integral Approach of Ken Wilber, a Social Architect training and a first yoga teacher training.

However, I found my spiritual home not until my second yoga teacher training in Anusara®Yoga, which brought me into contact with Kashmiri Shivaism.


My teachers

Sally Kempton and Christopher Wallis.


My Intension

Deeply connected to the wisdom teachings of non dual Shivaism and my teachers, I see myself as a German mouthpiece for this precious, transformative wisdom stream.


My specialization as Subject Matter Specialist:


Philosophy “The Recognition Sutras”

In the field of philosophy I have specialized in the Recognition Sutras, which hold a timeless treasure of wisdom and practices for us and show each of us a walkable path to realize our true nature.

In the philosophy module, we will learn about the core statements of the Recognition Sutras, and we will study in detail Chapter 18, in which the author introduces us to methods that prepare the way for recognizing one’s own nature.


Meditation “Learning and Teaching Tantric Meditation

I am the author of the book “learning to meditate tantrically” and as part of my work as a meditation teacher I teach tantric meditation and workshops with the theme “learning and teaching tantric meditation.”

The meditation module addresses the questions:

How do I build a tantric meditation?

What are the elements that characterize tantric meditation?

How do I lead meditations?

We will also create a meditation course.


Listen to audio meditations at Insighttimer under “Kathrin Rottmann” and at Spotify under “SelfandCalm”.


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