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Meet Our Teacher Trainers

Meet Piero Vivarelli  from Italy Piero Vivarelli, uno tra gli insegnanti di hatha yoga più influenti in Italia, è il fondatore e il responsabile dei corsi dell’Atma Studio. La riconosciuta abilità di Piero nel guidare gli studenti ad esplorare in profondità e con sicurezza le proprie risorse interiori ed esteriori attraverso l’hatha yoga, nasce dalla […]

Being a County Coordinator is a blast! Now seeking a new coordinator for the USA!

Calling All Creative and Collaborative Souls in the USA! Anusara is looking for our next USA Country Coordinator.. It is not only an honor and a privilege to serve in this position – it’s great fun!!  As Country Coordinator, you are one of the prime intersection points of Anusara’s international web, meeting with Country Coordinators […]


How can we best serve you?

Anusara Elements & Anusara-Inspired Teachers If you are a current or former Anusara Elements or Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher, please take this 3-minute survey so we can continue building a community that benefits all of our members.

The Value of the Kula in Challenging Times: “The Italian Kula Strategy”

By Maria Grazia Orlando Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher At the 2019 Teacher’s Gathering, the Italian Kula made important decisions to support a growing and expanding community by improving its organization. An Executive Committee formed by 3 teachers (1 Elements, 1 Inspired and 1 Certified) and the 2 Country Coordinators with the support of an ASHY […]

Anusara Global Kula – The U.S. Kula is growing! – 5th Edition Anusara Marga

The U.S. Anusara Kula is growing! By Chaya Spencer and Rachel Dewan Certified Anusara® Yoga Teachers Thanks to Certified teachers Rachel Dewan and Chaya Spencer, all 9 of the graduates from their recent 200-hour Teacher training have become Anusara Elements® teachers! Chaya opened her studio in Northern New Jersey in 2004 and over the years […]