The Anusara Bulletin – The Role of the Board of Directors  leading from the Heart

The Role of the Board of Directors  leading from the Heart

 Stepping into new beginnings

by Letizzia Wastavino, 
Vice President of the Board of Directors,
Member from Austria/Chile

Dear Anusara® Yoga friend,

Our School was conceived in 2012, where a group of teachers decided to envision the structure of a teachers-led school. 

Back then, the visionaries, Benita Galvan, William “Doc” Savage, Jane Norton, and Jacalyn Prete created the  Steering Committee with the support and participation of Deb Payne, Andrea Boni, Kai Hill, Benjamin Finnerty, Gianni Chavez, Jayendra Hanley, Alessandra di Prampero, Karen Sprute-Francovich, Barbra Noh, Karen Claffey, Jeannine Plaiche, Christy McKenzie, Adam Ballenger, Tiffany Wood, Jane Goldstein, and Peter Goodman.

By 2016, as the School continued to grow, the creation of a Board of Directors came to light, that was the year I stepped in as a new board member, shy and quiet.

Since then many projects have been created. As a few examples we can mention the tier prices for the License Fees, or the Anusara Marga with articles written by our teachers, or the Anusara Live video library. In recent years, we have worked on Continuing Education Programs like Samudra Shakti , Kula Bhrajana Europe Online, ComUnidad, our Mentoring Program and many more. 

Our most recent project has been the Fundamentals and Innovation Policy, opening the possibility to incorporate Innovations to our practice and teachings, giving the space for new findings to become part of our Anusara methodology. 

Being part of the Board has given me the opportunity to bring my ideas and my vision of how I want the School to continue growing to a reality. Little by little I had been able to find my voice realizing my own strengths while learning how to be a real leader. Something I never thought would be possible since my fiery temperament, but through my many years of team work I had learned how to communicate more effectively thanks to compassion communication.

Back then in 2016, we knew that we wanted to promote the growth of our school and support our teachers, but first we needed to set the bases of the School, many policies and guidelines needed to be created, while the School kept growing.

Now, we feel we are grown up and we can begin to offer more to our teachers, to our community. Now we feel we have the tools to answer your ideas and suggestions, we can finally listen and attend to your needs, bringing more possibilities to support you and to give back to you as a thank you for keeping trusting the School and being part of it. 

  • The creation of Affiliated programs such as
    • Meditation training with Lorin Roche
    • The Therapeutics Application begins next Saturday February 26th.
    • An upcoming Philosophy series with Carlos Pomeda
  • Restructuring Samavesha
  • Revamping our website

I invite you to step in as a Board Member, bring your unique voice and your ideas. Come and work with us and feel the great heart-blowing experience of serving a bigger community of heart seekers.

Letizzia Wastavino, 

Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Vice-President Board of Directors. 

Watch Letizzia’s invitation to Apply to become a Board Member

As a teacher-led school, serving on the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Board of Directors is a wonderful way to learn new skills, share your knowledge and experience, make new friends and bring to life the School’s core values of collaboration and unity within diversity! 

The Board of Directors seeks to fill six (6) openings for a three-year term, starting in May 2024. 

Everyone is welcome to serve on the Board, whether you are an Anusara Teacher, student or practitioner. This year we have a special need to fill up representation from Latin America, Europe and Asia.

1. Love for Anusara Yoga and

2. A strong desire to contribute to the School by expressing your talents 

The Board is seeking new members with a background in finance, legal, governance and/or fundraising and marketing skills. 

Would you like to Collaborate with The Anusara Bulletin?

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