The Anusara Bulletin – Stepping into the current and leading from the Heart

Stepping into the current and leading from the Heart

 My experience as a Board of Directors Member

by Laura Cassini, Former Board Member from Italy

Dear Anusara® Yoga Lover,

Some of the most cherished memories in my life come from my years on the Anusara Board of Directors.

The ones in the Board of Directors are among the most cherishable memories in my life.

Having the opportunity to plant seeds (for the future of Anusara yoga), seeing them grow and bringing delicious fruits is unfathomable. And guess what? It is within the reach of every teacher and every student. It is for sure less complicated than you can imagine.

Being a Board member means that you are in front of an unshaped piece of clay that you can mold with the nice and friendly support of the other members. It is a shared piece of art made of new visions and shapes that will make the  Anusara yoga sustainable and in bloom for a long, long time

Sounds familiar, co-create? It’s up to us, to each one of us.

What inspired me to stand up from my inner couch and offer myself to serve on the ASHY Board, was the possibility to repay the immensity of knowledge, wisdom, and health I received from the Anusara teachings.

I received so much in returnMy mind opened up from connecting with teachers from different countries such as China, South America, North America, different parts of Europe; different ages and different mindsets.

The respect and attention I received from everyone on the Board influenced my personal life and my approach to challenges that I can see now as a golden occasion to find new paths and solutions that encompass everyone, not only me.

Those 6 years expanded not only my comprehension of humanity, but also my knowledge in different areas such as economy, communications, marketing, fundraising, policy and also law!

This wealth of knowledge I have now is helpful in my daily work as an Anusara teacher. 

It helps me to accept diversity between my students with more awareness of who they truly are, to relate to my daily duties as a studio owner with confidence and capacity, and to relate to fellow teachers worldwide within a compassionate communication framework.

The time spent in the Board allowed me to finalize different projects that really made me enthusiastic!

  • “Anusara Marga: the Path of Anusara Yoga” online magazine, you can find the issues here.
  • The course Market Yourself, is available here.
  • Samavesha online 2021 
  • The Anusara Yoga Communications Guideline 
  • Supporting the creation of the “Heart of Anusara” events section in our website. 
  • The Fundamental and Innovation policy that is just being approved,
  • The Donors Stewardship project and much more.

The overall feeling I have now is that if you want to help and grow as a human being and as an Anusara teacher, the Anusara Board of Directors is the best place to be. 

It is so refreshing to end your day knowing that your work is for the benefit of many people, not only for yourself.

I really wish you to have the great fortune to serve on the Board and release this amrita, the nectarean ambrosia, of being an instrument of Grace in your being!

With a full Heart I pranam to each one of You,

Laura Casini

Experienced Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Rome, Italy

Join Our Board of Directors

As a teacher-led school, serving on the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s Board of Directors is a wonderful way to learn new skills, share your knowledge and experience, make new friends and bring to life the School’s core values of collaboration and unity within diversity! 

The Board of Directors seeks to fill six (6) openings for a three-year term, starting in May 2024. 

Everyone is welcome to serve on the Board, whether you are an Anusara Teacher, student or practitioner. This year we have a special need to fill up representation from Latin America, Europe and Asia.

1. Love for Anusara Yoga and

2. A strong desire to contribute to the School by expressing your talents 

The Board is seeking new members with a background in finance, legal, governance and/or fundraising and marketing skills. 

Thank you for your commitment and leadership as Board Members. We will always be grateful for everything you did for our School

Eric Mann, Will Dorigan, Chunyan Li, Jennifer Benning, Leslie Salmon, Cathy Quarante, Sarah Rose Reilly, Laura Casini.

Thank you for all your contributions and for keeping the fire of Anusara Yoga alive.

Thanks to your contribution to our Year End Appeal, participation in our various events and continued donations throughout 2023 we have been able to raise enough funds to renovate our website. 

  • Content On Demand, Live Classes and a Video Library
  • Business Opportunities to offer your own Online Courses through our platform
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) available for all our License Members
  • An Exclusive Members area with different resources depending on your Membership level and many more

Would you like to Collaborate with The Anusara Bulletin?

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