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Circadian Rhythm and 3 A’s

Relationship of Circadian Rhythm and Anusara’s 3 A’s Understanding the relationship of our natural circadian rhythm and Anusara’s 3 A’s helps us make skillful self care choices. As well, through steady practice we may increase energyexpand awarenessconnect to our true dharma. What is Circadian Rhythm? Often, circadian rhythm is defined as our sleep / awake […]

Yoga Class Themes

Precious Gift of Theming In Anusara yoga, we are known for an incredible methodology of teaching safe and effective pose alignment. We are also blessed with the “precious gift of theming.”  Licensed teachers are required to demonstrate proficiency in creating evocative yoga class themes that accentuate a positive heart quality, such as couragejoygratitude. Anusara teachers […]