Seeing the Good

For most of us, “seeing the good” often does not come naturally. Yet, it’s one of the quintessential teachings of Anusara Yoga’s philosophy. When we first embark on the path of “seeing the good,” we often discover that it’s easier to see the good in others.

In a world where we are constantly being graded, it’s so important to help ourselves and our students rewire how what we are offering is good, right, and beautiful – just as it is.

How to See the Good

Here’s 3 quick ways to practice “seeing the good” – just as it is – in your daily life.

How to See the Good

  1. Nature Gazing

    With soft eyes, look at any aspect of nature or the natural world such as the sky, a pet sleeping, a weed in the crack of the pavement. As you breathe, take note of what captures your attention. What is it that you see that is good? What touches your heart? Where is the beauty?

  2. Color Like a Child

    Gather a piece of paper and some colored markers, crayons, pens, or watercolors. Set a timer for 2 minutes. Then, just pick up colors and make shapes and patterns on the paper. Without really trying to “make something,” just have fun with color, shape, line. When your timer completes, look at what you created. Admire the color choices and the flow. In your freestyle coloring creation, where do you see elements that look pleasing to you? What about these elements feels good? Why?

  3.  Listen to Your Favorite Music

    Build a playlist. Maybe, even find your favorite songs on YouTube with your favorite artists performing, as well. As you listen to music that you love, remember and feel what you consider the “good parts.” Maybe, even replay those sections to feel “the good part,” again. 

Karma + Lila = The World We Live In

Enjoy this free Samudra Shakti continuing education YouTube video with Tiffany Wood. From a tantric teaching perspective, she explores the Sanskrit words Karma + Lila. In this presentation, Tiffany helps us recognize that our personal, individual growth leads to our expanded capacity to serve others.

Anusara Yoga Teachers Cultivate Seeing the Good

In Anusara Yoga teacher trainings, we set the foundation by building our skills to first see the good in a yoga posture before offering an alignment-based correction.

Teacher training drills often include going around the room and offering an authentic positive quality that we see in our peers. Sometimes, we have to dig deeply to go beyond a statement like “Nice yoga pants” or “You have a great smile.” The superficial compliments are just that; superficial. While these recognitions may be true compliments, they often don’t help open a doorway to a feeling of growth and possibility.

When we see the good in a student’s pose, we identify with more subtle attributes. Authentic statements such as  “You’re very strong and stable” or “I love the enthusiasm you’re pouring forth” help individuals feel recognized for how they are trying their best. 

When we recognize the good, it takes the edge off of receiving a verbal or hands-on assist. Seeing the good, first, moves us away from feeling like an alignment directive is pointing out what’s wrong. Therefore, what’s offered feels less like criticism and more like the opening of an exchange and an exploration of potential. Helping a student enhance what they are already doing well is where biomechanics meets the heart of the human spirit. 

Anusara’s Tantra Philosophy Sees the Good

Tantra’s often defined as a tool for expansion. Through Anusara’s tantric philosophy, we recognize that we are a never ending, always unfolding work in progress for as long as we are living and breathing. In fact, humans thrive when we know we are growing and evolving.

Anusara teachers, by seeing the good, seek to celebrate our students’ gifts and teach them how to build on their strengths. The result of this approach is a relationship built on trust, love, and a willingness to explore our unlimited potential. 

Offering verbal and hands-on assistance will guide yoga students into a place of deeper integration physically. Seeing the good in them before an assist is given, will open their hearts.

Connecting to Our Heart & Seeing the Good

As Anusara teachers and students, “seeing the good” is an ever evolving process of also learning to see the good within ourselves. At first, we look to the outside. We see the good in others. Then, we use this tool of “seeing the good” as a tool for expanding not only how we connect to other people’s hearts, but also to our own. 

From our philosophy, we recognize we are all a reflection of the Supreme Goodness that has taken form in all things.

About the Content Creators

Tiffany Wood

Tiffany Wood  credits yoga with helping her heal from injuries, migraines, and finding her highest self time & again. She combines studies in non-dual Tantra yoga with biomechanical alignment principles and mindful applications for the modern day. Her approach to teaching regular self care embodies a playfulness, wisdom, and humor that breaks barriers amidst the wellness culture and encourages all shapes and personalities to the mat.

Lisa Long, M.A.

Lisa wants to live in a world where Love gives you a permission slip to drop the mask and be who you are. She enjoys practicing near water to remind her to remain in Love’s flow.


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