8 Ways to Open to Grace

Gain practical ways to step into the flow of Grace with these easy actions. Open to Grace is Anusara Yoga’s First Principle in its Universal Principles of Alignment.

Often tasks on the spiritual path may seem elusive, burdensome, or require us to retreat or get away in order to access the experience of inner / outer connection.

What’s wonderful about Anusara’s philosophy and in particular the concept of “Open to Grace” is that we recognize that we may step into this divine, present moment while in the midst of our daily lives.

Try these Ways to Open to Grace

As we continue to practice, we discover many ways to Open to Grace. If you need a few ideas to get you started on the path, here’s a few that originated as seeds of contemplation from an online presentation by Rudrani Farbman-Brown, Anusara Subject Matter Specialist.

8 Ways to Open to Grace

  1. Remember Your Intention

    As we move through our day from sunrise to sunset, a few simple questions might facilitate an opening. Consider asking yourself questions such as
    “What would serve the highest good?”
    “What would Supreme Love want?”

  2. Stay Connected to your True Self

    Remember the Source. When you see something beautiful, like a flower or someone smiling, let the recognition of the beauty serve as an opening for you to remember Grace.

  3. Be the Golden Link

    As you continue your self study, be the interrupter or disrupter of what has been handed down across generations that no longer serves you or humankind. When you create this golden link to a positive change, invoke Grace.

  4. Live to Serve

    Recognizing the beauty in life and offering Seva (service work) is another way to open to Grace. Consider volunteering, helping a neighbor, feeding others. These actions of service create a golden envelope of care that is Grace-filled.

  5. Know You Have Choices

    Learn how to manage life’s turbulence through meditation. When you are turbulent, don’t do anything. Let the emotions flow through you. In this way, we open to Grace by living our wisdom and not being governed by our reactions, interpretations, and emotions.

  6. Use Your Talents

    When we use our talents, there tends to be a ripple effect as Grace flows. Other people’s lives may benefit because of our talents. Using our talents potentially leads to faster growth, development and understanding for ourselves which may drop us into a place of gratitude. Often from an attitude of gratitude, we open to Grace.

  7. Be in Nature

    In our true nature, we are in Grace. Being in nature reminds us of our natural state of being. Try to be outside every day so you may remember. When you take an in breath, fill yourself with the knowing. As you exhale, surrender to the Source of your knowing.

  8. Keep your High Level of Studentship

    Regular connection with heart-felt teachers and consistent reading of sacred texts is another way we may open to Grace. When we come together in community, as students with a strong desire, our intention links us to Grace.

How to Learn to Trust your Inner Teacher

Watch this edited excerpt from Samudra Shakti Online with Certified Anusara Teacher, Marcee Gurman-Ballantyne, as she offers a short lecture and a practice so you may trust your inner teacher and ability to access your individual ways to Open to Grace.

Every Aspect of Our Practice is an Opportunity

As we begin any aspect of our practice, we may continue to learn to trust our inner teacher. Furthermore, we may discover additional ways to Open to Grace. Yoga practice takes many forms including

  • asana / poses
  • meditation
  • study of sacred texts
  • sacred rituals
  • self study.

As well, we may consider the tasks and obligations of daily life as an opportunity to practice yoga.

As we discover more common, easily accessible ways to Open to Grace, we recognize that we are always in the flow.

About the Content Creators

Madhuri Martin

A part of Anusara Yoga’s merry band from its inception, Madhuri enjoys playful practices that keep her connected to serious teachings. When not traversing mountain peaks, you’ll find her swimming in the ocean rediscovering Grace.

Lisa Long, M.A.

Lisa wants to live in a world where Love gives you a permission slip to drop the mask and be who you are. She enjoys practicing near water to remind her to remain in Love’s flow.


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