6 Easy Ways to Connect with the Divine Feminine

Anusara Yoga recognizes the sacredness of divine feminine and masculine attributes.

Divine Feminine Meaning

As we explore easy ways to connect with the divine feminine, there’s value in establishing meaning. Here’s a few widely accepted definitions.

divine – of, from, or like God or a god; excellent, delightful

feminine – having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women

Furthermore, Anusara Yoga recognizes the intersection of divine feminine and divine masculine qualities. This union of feminine and masculine is a profound core teaching of Anusara’s philosophy.

As well, philosophy experts such as Bill Mahony, Sally Kempton, Carlos Pomeda, Douglas Brooks and meditation Subject Matter Specialists, Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, have helped shape Anusara Yoga’s understanding of the union of feminine and masculine attributes that are part of the Divine and part of each one of us.

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Divine Feminine: Nitya Goddess’

Watch this edited excerpt from Samudra Shakti Online with Certified Anusara Teacher Deborah Payne. The Nitya Goddess’ are the eternal guardians whose rhythmic teachings gift us the discovery and rediscovery of our highest selves through connection with that constant celestial touchstone, The Moon. The Nitya Goddess are Shakti, ever-changing and evolving, they teach us the language of this relationship. Through Yantra and Mantra practices, we meditate with each Nitya, contemplate their stories while discovering our own.

Heart Qualities

Anusara Yoga entertains qualities of the heart that are both masculine and feminine.

In short, all heart qualities are “life-affirming.” Therefore, as you review this short list of feminine virtuous heart qualities, please recognize that the masculine is not the negative. The masculine offers additional “life-affirming” heart qualities.

To better understand this distinction, please study with a licensed Anusara teacher.

In addition, in order to connect with the divine feminine in your life, consider the following feminine attributes of the heart.

  • compassion
  • beauty
  • enthusiasm
  • playfulness
  • generosity
  • sensitivity
  • freedom
  • reverence
  • creativity

Dasha Mahavidya: 10 Wisdom Goddesses

Watch this edited excerpt from Samudra Shakti Online with Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher, Robin Christ. She introduces us to 10 goddesses of the Tantric tradition. Each holds unique energy that is recognizable as a creative force. Learn their names, iconography, origin story, mantra, and more.

Connect with the Divine Feminine

To get you started, here’s 6 easy ways to connect with the divine feminine.

  1. Recognize when you are feeling feminine qualities of the heart.

    In addition to Anusara Yoga’s short list of feminine heart qualities, consider adding on to the list your ideas. From this “word cloud” you may connect with times that you feel these particular feminine qualities in your heart. From this recognition, you may connect with the divine feminine.

    connect with divine feminine word cloud

  2. Research women who are saints, sages, and divine deities.

    Learn more about women who, across time, have impacted humankind. To sum up, their stories, whether real or mythological, help us connect with the divine feminine.

  3. Watch movies and read books with women as heroic lead characters.

    As we witness stories of women living from their passionate hearts, we basically recognize those same divine feminine qualities within ourselves.

  4. Get Creative.

    Feminine energy is considered “creative power” which is termed Shakti in Sanskrit. Chiefly, go create something. Cook dinner. Construct an event. Tend to a garden. Watercolor. Write poetry. Decorate your home. Build a foundation. Adorn your body. Accordingly, when we create anything, we may connect with the divine feminine.

  5. Gaze at the moon, immerse in water, and be in nature.

    All of nature is creation. Thus, creation is the powerful force of the divine feminine. As you witness life’s beauty, you may connect with the divine feminine. Overall, spend time in nature. In particular, the moon and water are often associated with the feminine aspects of the Divine.

  6. Explore a few mudras.

    Foremost, an upward facing open palm communicates “Fear not” and is considered the Abhaya Mudra.

    Simultaneously, a downward facing open palm communicates “I bestow blessings” and is called the Varada Mudra.

    Since many of the divine feminine, across centuries and across cultures, have evoked these hand gestures, we may find sustenance in evoking similar sentiments.

    Whenever you practice yoga, explore the deeper connection to the placement of your hands and your intention which communicates the meaning of your heart.

Continue to Practice

Our yoga practice takes many forms from

  • asana
  • meditation
  • seva or works of service
  • pranayama
  • and daily life in the world.

We always have a choice to consider the qualities of the heart to which we align. Keep exploring ways to connect to your heart, others’ heart, and the great Heart that connect us all.

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