Anusara Affiliated Yoga Studio Application

Anusara yoga is a global experience!

Anusara Affiliated Yoga Studios are owned by our  licensed teachers or have at least three classes per week that are led by licensed Anusara Yoga teachers. In addition,  Affiliated Studios agree to abide by the highest standards of professional yoga instruction and studio management, and are committed to building harmony and cohesion among other Anusara yoga studios and the Hatha yoga community at large.  This is a FREE service and our way of helping to promote your studio by making it easier for students looking for a class in your region find you.  Additionally, your listing creates a bigger sense of connection as a global community.  


Help us share what
makes your studio and classes
THE place to be in your region.

Requirements for Affiliation include:

1.  Studio is owned by a currently licensed Anusara yoga teacher OR
2.  Studio hosts at least three classes per week taught by licensed Anusara yoga teachers AND
3. Studio’s website and marketing materials clearly indicate that Anusara yoga classes are available  AND
4. Studio agrees to abide by the following 5 Principles for Anusara Affiliated Studios:

An Anusara Affiliated Studio:

Is welcoming to all, regardless of level of yoga experience, race, gender,  age, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

Embraces and upholds the ethical standards of Anusara Yoga. (link to Ethics Page)

Offers classes taught by skilled professionals who teach from the heart, guiding their students on the mat with compassion, respect, and enthusiasm.

Maintains the highest level of professionalism in the operation of the yoga studio.

Strives to build harmony and cohesion in both the Anusara yoga community and the larger yoga community – locally, regionally, and globally.

(Right click on the Affiliated Studio logo to copy,
save and include in your studios personal website.)

Benefits of Anusara Affiliated Studio Program:

  1. Affiliated Studio Directory feature on the front page of
  2. Individual Studio Directory page with photo of studio, description of the studio, links to studio websites, google map link for directions.
  3. Events hosted at your studio automatically link to your studio’s directory home page as well as to the directory page for the Anusara teacher who is leading the event.
  4. Exclusive access and license to use the terms “Anusara Affiliated Studio” and a special graphic logo that can be reproduced in print schedules and on your website and social media pages.
  5. 10% discount on all products ordered through the school’s store (online store opening soon).
  6. Being an integral part of a dynamic and growing worldwide community of enthusiastic, friendly yogis!.
  7. A randomly selected Affiliated Studio will be featured each month on the school’s social media’s global and regional pages and feeds.


Steps to take

  • If you’re ready to apply, fill out the form below.
  • Send pictures of your studio, logo and yourself and or any staff  to Will Doran at  Select images will be added to your listing

If you would like to add the benefit of a Yoga Alliance school (RYS) listing, please contact: