Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher

What is an Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher?

Anusara Elements, is the beginning journey for approved graduates with 200-hours of Anusara Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Immersion.

The Anusara Elements yoga teacher license is designed for approved graduates of an 200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training (a combination of our 100-hour Anusara Immersion and 100-hour Teacher Training programs).

These graduates have demonstrated that they have the proficiency and talent in teaching the basic elements of an Anusara yoga class. As the newest members of the Anusara teaching faculty, AET’s are licensed to teach Anusara-Elements classes and call themselves Anusara Elements yoga teachers.

Anusara yoga teachers adjusting students in prayer pose.

AET’s will be listed on our website’s Teacher Directory. They will have access to the Teacher’s Lounge, full of resources to help them develop their teaching skills. They can list an unlimited number of workshops for free in our School’s “Heart of Anusara” event calendar. AET’s can begin networking with other Anusara teachers from around the world.

The prerequisites for application are the following:

  • Completion of 200-hr or 300-hour Anusara Teacher Training
  • Anusara Teacher Trainer recommendation

Those who have previously competed a 200-hour teacher training in another style of yoga in addition to their Anusara teacher training can apply for the Anusara-Inspired license.

Anusara Elements 2 step licensing process:

  1. Submit Application and combined application and annual membership fee
  2. Sign license agreement contract

Anusara yoga teacher

With the completion of the Anusara Elements licensing process, the candidate has earned the legal right to use the trademarked title of Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher. They will then have their profile listed in the Anusara online Teacher Directory. A beautiful certificate with your new designation will also be sent to you electronically.

Applying for a Anusara Elements License:

  1. Ask your teacher trainer to submit a recommendation.
  2. Submit the Elements application. You will be redirected to a payment site after submitting the application.
  3. Select your membership payment option to pay your combined application and annual membership fee
  4. Email a copy of your Immersion and Teacher Training certificates (if unable to attach them to application form) to Ory Brown, Licensing Specialist, at

Once your application has been approved

  1. You will receive an approval by email
  2. Follow the link and sign your Elements license
  3. Your name will be added to the Anusara Elements Teacher online directory!

 We hope that at the end of 2 years of teaching, you will be ready to apply for the Anusara Inspired license!  

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