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Jacalyn Prete

Jacalyn Prete

Being a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher since 2001 has given me a great deal of joy and provided me with a tremendous opportunity to expand my horizons in every way possible. I am so honored to be a part of this international community of seekers and currently serve as the Director of Certification for the Anusara  School of Hatha Yoga.

I have recently become a Certified Health Coach with the Worldwide Association of Yoga Health Coaching.  I am currently leading my 10 week course called the Body Evolves based on Ayruveda transforming the heath and lives of students on line all over the world.

I have had the great honor to teach Hatha yoga, 200-hour and 300-hour teacher trainings, immersions, therapeutic intensives, and retreats in NYC , Europe, and Japan since 1991.  I am so honored to be invited to teach in China in January of 2017!

John Friend has been my main influence along with Ross Rayburn, Zhenja LaRosa, Paul Muller Ortega, Bill Mahoney, Sally Kempton and Cate Stillman. I co-lead teacher trainings and retreats with Rudrani Farbman (World Yoga Center).  My playfully rigorous classes encourage every student to celebrate the miracle of embodiment and the profound experience of connecting to the Self.

I am currently  a CATT and have been training teachers in the US, Europe and Japan since 2001.

I will be initiating a 300-hour ATT in China teaming up with Carlos Pomeda, Benjamin Finnerty, and Bridget Kramer-Woods in 2017.   My focus for ATT trainings is cultivating Heart Themes that are authentic, Therapeutic application of the UPA’s, teaching UPAs, Sequencing, Hands-on adjustments, and Mentoring folks to prepare them for their certification process.
It is my honor to assist folks through the different stages of licensing from AET to AIT to CAT.   I have been training teachers since 2004 with Rudrani Farbman Brown, Director of the World Yoga Center in NYC.

Jacalyn Prete



Jackie is currently enrolling  the second Advanced 300 hour Teacher Training at The World Yoga Center in NYC.

She is co-teaching Sequencing in September 2016 and Therapeutics in Spring of 2017.   For more info:  WYC website at www.worldyogacenter.com
She will also be teaching Heart theming and Teaching skills and mentoring in 2018.  It is a 2 year program.  For details contact Julia Pearring at julia.pearring@gmail.com
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